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Could someone give me the meaning of the song Krishna nee begane baro... I need word to word meaning ..


-- A ishwarya (, January 13, 2002


please see

content copied below !

-- Meaning: pallavi: O! Krishna! Please come fast! anupallavi: Please come fast and show your face! caraNam 1: Wearing anklets on your feet come dancing O blue-eyed One! caraNam 2: Wearing the gold belt on the waist, rings on the fingers and the chrysanthemum garland on the neck caraNam 3: Wearing ther golden garment, with the flute in our hand, and perfumed sandal paste all over your body caraNam 4: You who showed your mother the whole universe in your mouth, You Protector of the world! O! Udupi Krishna! --

-- Kishore Balakrishnan (, February 17, 2002.

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