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Maybe one of the freight car gurus can answer this -

I'm finishing a couple of SAL boxcar models and looking at the AF4 class as an upcoming challenge. However, I can't figure out what the base model should be... One of the old RMJ's listed this class as a PS-1 with double 7' doors. However, I can't find any reference to 40' double door PS-1's... The ends (at least in the Faulk guide) are pretty obviously PS-1 ends, but there's no picture of the roof.

Are these PS-1 "clones" or are they 10'6" modified AAR cars with PS-1 ends? Any ideas for a model starting point to get that door sill right?


-- Paul Bizier (, January 13, 2002


Hi Paul, I just got your message...hope I can provide some insight. After checking the 1957 ORER, it appears SAL's AF4 class cars (22450- 22949) have the same dimensions as SAL's PS-1 single-door box cars. SAL took delivery of several lots of PS-1s in various configurations, but the B-10s delivered in 1948--the 24000s--appear to be closest to the AF4 cars. So, it appears the logical starting point in HO is the Kadee car. The photos in Paul Faulk's Guide appear to show the roofs, ends and side courses to be the same as the B-10 single door car, but you'll have some work to do building the lower side sill and re- arranging the top door tracks. The AF4's ends are Pullman "Dart- Naught" ends--without the "darts" as on the Intermountain model--so the Kadee PS-1 ends are correct. Also, only C&BT Shops made 7' doors, and they're out of business. If you give me a holler off line I can put you in touch with a fellow who has some of those doors if you're interested. Hope this helps! Yours, John

-- John Golden (, January 19, 2002.

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