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Hi Sonda, can you give me some names of the best types of herbs to grow for drying? I'd like to make some herbal wreaths. I've grown a few herbs for cooking and have a big perennial bush of rosemary now, but was thinking of something more prolific? Herbal wreaths are soooo expensive to buy. Thanks!

-- Annie (, January 13, 2002


Oh Annie---there are really hundreds-----& I'm late to meet someone right now----so I'll have to post to you later---- I'm sure there are many others who can help also-----

When I get back /I'll post the answer-----later sonda

-- Sonda (, January 13, 2002.

Hi again---didn't have to go do what I thought ----as I wouldn't have time to make it back & us go to church tonight---

So now about herbs!!!!

Annie-----you can dry any herb you grow!!!!!

I have done wreaths out of anything I had in my yard!!!!

So what ever you plan on useing for your own kitchen use --or for other uses---they will also dry for wreaths!!

I love sented geraniums---lavender---chamomile--sage--oregano-fennel-- --marjoram---the list could go on for ever----

I have done wreaths with nothing but different kinds of mint---

I dry it all----of what I have left over at the end of the season---- plus I cut & dry all season also---- it seems I don't have time to do my crft work until later in the season-- & everything has been dryed & stored---then I just look at what I have to work with --& then let my imagination go for it---

Last year I had lots of barbed wire ----so I wrapped it in different sized wreaths---

Some I did with big sunflower heads /I had dried/ & some (wild) small sunflower heads I had dryed--then I had dryed some what we call chigger weed-here in Ks. it blooms a beautiful red flower---I put them together with some dryed wheat heads & some wild grass heads I had dryed ---along with some herds to fill----they turned out very nice---I used them all as gifts or I sold them--I had planned on saveing one for my self---but needed a gift--so used my last one as a gift---

I don't care what it is if you like it--it usually can be dryed & used---I love to mix wild & pasture flowers with my herbs I dry---

But I usually dry anything that catches my eye--for my wreaths-

One year I only used horehound dryed & mint--as that is all I had left to work with---the different colors they had dryed to made a great combination---

Did that help????

I guess the simple answer is-----anything you like & plant & use!!!

-- Sonda (, January 13, 2002.

Oh Sonda, that helped immensely! I've been wanting to do an herb wreath for the kitchen, along with different other kinds. This year when I ordered seeds, I saw a bay laurel plant in one of the catalogs and I ordered it. I've gotten rosemary to grow outside all year, so I thought I'd give the bay a try. That got me to thinking of doing a wreath just for the culinary herbs. Only I don't know if I'll have the heart to pick em off and use them!!! Thank you so much for the info.

-- Annie (, January 13, 2002.

Oh Annie---pick them off & use them---as it usually makes them grow better & thicker!!!!!!! The more you pune a plant in use the more shoots it will send out--- mint & most other herbs do better by you useing from the plant & keep pinching off--& it will get thicker & more shoots & better plants--- just talk to them & love them & use from them!! ha!

-- Sonda (, January 13, 2002.

For your money, I would say that mints and lemon balm are the best to grow. They are very prolific, and you could harvest tons of leaves from these. Especially if yo ujust wanted to fill in certain areas then put other herbs on the wreaths also. They will spread a lot so you would never run out!

-- Melissa (, January 13, 2002.

Thanks gals, I sure can use all the tips I can get. I have a few plants of lemon balm and you know what I've done with it? Trimmed it off and thrown it away! It spreads everywhere here. Does it really dry well? Will pruning rosemary help to encourage more growth? I'd love to use it in the wreaths. I've grown a few herbs, here and there, but as you can tell they're not my forte. (like ya couldn't tell, huh?) :) I'm really excited about growing some this season and I hope you all won't get sick of all the questions I'll be asking!

-- Annie (, January 13, 2002.

I hope you will all try to put some lemon balm in your iced and hot tea. Sure beats the high cost of lemons!

-- Ann Markson (, January 14, 2002.

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