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I read an interesting "money-making" idea in a publication recently.

They suggested that if you have extra yard/law/field space that could be gardened that you rent it out to "city folk" who don't have space available for themselves....

I'm not sure it would make much money, but it might be a fun way to meet people as well.

Has anyone tried this?

-- hmm (, January 13, 2002


Your neighbors from Columbia might be interested in this.

-- Kevin (, January 13, 2002.

The University in the "big city" gives people space to have a garden. 1st week hundred of people are there, a few less the next week, then the weeds kick in and people dont want to do any work. Next you have 1 or 2 gardens that are usable.

-- Gary (, January 13, 2002.

I like our privacy way to well to rent to "just anyone"---------

If I was serious about it--- I would talk to people who had the same interests that I had & the same ideas about life & see if they needed a place to garden----maybe a shared type of garden---with fellow friends--etc/etc/-

I guess I look at things as how it could be of mutual interest--& benefit-may be they grow something I don't & we trade---etc/etc/etc--- as I don't see this as a real money maker either---

I have worked & owned businesses for over 30 plus years & I also see how there are some people in the "public", that expect something for nothing & some are "sue", crazy---some have no clue about how to garden except plant some seeds & think that is all there is to it-- etc/etc/---

I would be really careful /who I let in on my property to do anyhting- ---& if I rented out land /it would have a lease agreement in writting that spelled it all out in black in white & there was nothing that was not understood --so to protect yourself & everyone else in this arragement!

-- Sonda (, January 13, 2002.

You might want to look into getting liability insurance for this, because if someone sues you, and tells your insurance you were running a business, and you don't have a rider on your policy or separate business could lose everything on one slip and fall.

-- GT (, January 13, 2002.

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