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Yesterday, on a kerosene run, I found a yard sale where I scored a new crock pot, still in the box for $4.00. The recipe book with it surprized me, there were all kind of things in it, Breads, pies, in a crock pot? Thirty years ago crock pots came with one rule which was cover with water. I did not care for the taste then, and have ignored crock pots since. When did they grow up? What have I been missing?

The book has unique combinations, such as chicken and olives or ham with pineapple and grenadine sauce, things I would not think of working together, so I guess the question is what have you found that is unique to cook in a crock pot?

-- mitch hearn (, January 13, 2002


Ilove my crockpots. I have 2 and use them often. It is nice to put things in early and then have supper later on with little effort. I like to cook chicken breast and whole sweet potatoes. I make all kinds of soups and stews. Rice dishes, beef roasts, really just about anything. I hope you have fun with your find.

-- Melissa (, January 13, 2002.

to make just a small batch of tomato sauce or fruit jams or butters [even pumpkin]. once it is boiling hot, it can be left while you do chores or sleep. you can add to as it evaporates. I put mine up in 12 oz juice jars. 99% seal rate, hot kettle method. no problems.

maybe not unique - I know no one else who has done it this way and am usually met with - I never thot of that!!

-- carol (, January 13, 2002.

should have added - once it is boiling hot, you can turn it on low, or whatever setting'll keep it steaming. bring to a boil again before putting into sterilized jars to seal.

-- carol (, January 13, 2002.

I have made applebutter in mine too. I love my crockpot. Especially loved when they started making the inside removable for washing. I remember my first one (in the late 70's) that I had to clean without removing. THAT was a great improvement. I use the crockpot for dinner at least one night a week, sometimes more. For roasts, stews and beans, and I make oatmeal over night sometimes when we have company...I use it to make hot spiced cider, and to keep scrambled eggs hot when I have a crowd here (on low) Or for heating up meat fillings for tacos and burritos for a crowd. (can you tell we feed crowds alot?) It is so versitile!!! I DO plan to get one of the big oval shaped ones as soon as I can. Mine is the big round one, and sometimes roasts or hams would fit better in the oval shape.

-- Jenny (, January 13, 2002.

My wife loves our crockpot . . . she makes an easy to cook meal in the crockpot before she leaves to go to work. Suppertime is walk in, grab a plate and dig in. Gotta love it.

-- j.r. guerra (, January 15, 2002.

I just got a new crock pot, too. I made beef stew using the recipe in the book which came with the cooker- worst beef stew i have ever tasted!!!! Anyone have a recipe they would recommend?

-- Elizabeth (, January 16, 2002.

This is how I make mine: I don't measure, so make it to taste!

About 1/2 pound meat, brown it in a skillet (but if I use my own home canned I don't), a few pounds of potatoes, a pound of carrots, an onion chopped, 1 jar of whole tomatoes, (sometimes I use salsa) about 2 cups of corn ( I freeze mine from the garden, so I am guessing on the amount)

Now for the spices: I use garlic, pepper, a little salt, French Tarragon (the absolute secret ingredient, I grow it fresh and it is awesome) then a big heaping Tablespoon of spicy mustard. I will also use some of that spicy Mrs. Dash (or Kroger brand version of it) some parsely, and some oregano. I think with soemthing like stew, the spices are the key!!

Cook in crockpot, or pan on top of stove, until potatos and carrots are done. Serve with home-made bread and real butter. Awesome!

It is funny that you asked this because I was jsut htinking when I woke up, that I was going to make stew for supper.

-- Melissa (, January 16, 2002.

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