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Daddy Bush said "read my lips, no new taxes" and we all know what happened. So it only follows that when Dubya says "taxes will be raised over my dead body" this means it will be even worse than what his daddy did.

-- (like father @ like. son), January 13, 2002


Dubya's got it all figured out. Screwing the people is the only activity in which Dubya actually uses his brain, so he has become quite good at it, to the exclusion of everything else.

Even before he stole the presidency, he and Dickhead were spewing the word "recession" around to get everyone thinking negatively to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Shortly after becoming our dictator he declared that he would not touch social security unless we were in a recession or a war. With the help of his friends at Enron, they staged a phony energy shortage to further scare the people into creating a recessionary climate.

Now the stage was set for his big tax cut, so he began handing over hundreds of $billions to his already wealthy and corporate elite buddies. Daddy's influence with the CIA persuaded them to look the other way and ignore threats from Bin Laden, so that they would have an excuse to invade Afghanistan and set the stage for his friends at Unocal to finish their pipeline. Of course, this was to be considered a "war" situation, so he had another excuse to run up the deficit, dig into our social security, and hand $billions more over to his corporate buddies.

Before 2001 had even ended, he had already declared that 2002 was going to be a "war year", even though we finished off the Taliban several weeks ago. This way, he still has an excuse to keep handing money over to corporations and running up a huge deficit for the taxpayers to pay off for many years to come. So all he has to do in 2003 is keep the recession going or start another "war" situation, which seems to be no problem for the Bush family.

By the time he gets finished fucking us over, he will have increased the deficit by a couple $trillion, and he'll be ready to hand that little problem over to the next president to try to clean up. He'll just say none of it was his fault because we were either in a recession or a war during his entire term, lol. The guy is dumber than mud at just about everything, but when it comes to being a lowdown bastard, he's very clever.

-- (wake up people @ you're being screwed. "big time"), January 14, 2002.

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