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Esamine any three of Hamlet's soliloquies to show how each continues to explore Hamlet's character, furturs the plot, and establishes the mood and athmosphere of the play.

-- hyster (, January 12, 2002



Do we get class credit if we answer these? C'mon, dude, if you need help with something specific, ask, but we aren't into doing your homework for you.

As for this one, how about "Rogue and peasant slave"? Here is a great speech that sums up what has happened and what Hamlet intends to do about it. The mood is one of dangerous cunning. Cladius is cunning and dangerous in killing his brother and marrying Gertrude. Hamlet is cunning and dangerous in plotting to reveal Claudius's guilt in the matter.... That sort of thing. Hell, you could even argue that Polonius is cunning and dangerous (so much so as to get him dead) in spying on Hamlet when he's with his mum.

Good luck in class.


-- mikken (, January 12, 2002.

Absolutely Mikken.

However, in case, hyster, you don't know you're way about the play, here's a list of H's soliloquies. If it were me, I'd pick some of the lesser known ones: beware soliloquies with names', as the actors say. Plus, you'll probably impress and interest your teacher more.

I.ii.129-159: O that this too too sallied flesh ...; I.iv.13-38: Ay, marry, is't ... (depending on how strict your definition of 'soliloquy' is, and whether you think he's still talking to Horatio after the first couple of lines or not); I.v.92-112+114 O all you host of heaven ...; II.ii.560-617 "Rogue and Peasant Slave"; III.i.56-89 "To be, or not to be"; III.ii.396-407 'Tis now the very witching time ...; III.iii.73-96 Now might I do it ...; IV.iv.32-66 "How all occasions".

As you can see: choices, choices. Pick three and get back to us if you have any specific difficulties.

-- catherine england (, January 13, 2002.

'Hamlet' means 'fume hood under ultra-high protection' in the Latvian language. 2 minutes of skin provides electricity for 3 'access to history' books. Two holes in black matter means that you have to take the absolute mean.

-- Yevgeny Luzhin (, January 05, 2003.

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