Where to buy a chicken plucker/picker

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We would like our own electric chicken plucker/picker, instead of borrowing one. Does anyone know where we can buy one. I have seen the ones in the McMurray catalog for $800+. Yikes!! Is that my only choice? Perhaps that is a good price, I don't know. We would be happy with a good used one, or maybe you know how we could make one. Any knowledge would be helpful. Thank you once again!!

-- Jane in Wisconsin (autumnwindfarm@yahoo.com), January 12, 2002


www.lehmans.com They're not cheap.

-- HarleyinFL (cruisindog@juno.com), January 12, 2002.

Strombergs,Phone (218)587-2222, fax (218)587-4230, Toll free (8oo)720- 1134

-- David R In TN. (srimmer@earthlink.net), January 12, 2002.

My Allied Kenco catalog has a small model that you furnish your own electric motor for $250. Still sorta spendy, but a little cheaper than some of the others. Their website is www.alliedkenco.com

-- Marv (Marv@nospam.net), January 12, 2002.

Cabela's has a couple small ones, they call them duck pluckers but, they would probably work for chickens also. One fits over a garbage can or 55-gallon drum and costs $369.00. They also have a kit for one that costs $69.99, but it is very small, like maybe it would fit on a drill. Their web site is www.cabelas.com.

-- Ina Stachewicz (rifarm@nnex.net), March 27, 2002.

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