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in a other forum,, the subject came up about having meat without refridgeration. With that in mind,, during the summer months ,(where I live) keeping meat from spoiling would be difficult,, the usual storeing would apply,, smoked salt,, hoof,,ect,,,. SO,,except for the Sunday dinner,,or special occasion,, what kind of meal would be served,,that didnt contain meat? Are we talking a bunch of side dishes,, or one large bowl on one dish? Some ideas needed here.

-- Stan (, January 11, 2002


Just to name a few: beans and rice, meatless chili, lasagna, eggplant parmesan, peppers stuffed with bulgur wheat and beans, bulgur wheat and beans, cream of broccoli soup, potato pancakes, bean enchiladas, Cinncinati chili (beans over spaghetti). If any of these interest you, I'd be glad to email you a recipe.

-- Christina (, January 19, 2002.

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