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i was wondering if one has to be from a CC/CoC/RM church to post?

-- Connie Iversen (hive827@cs.com), January 11, 2002


Nope. Anyone who is a Christian can post. Well...except for those on that "other" forum....they have a voice THERE.....use it THERE. WE can't respond there, without arbitrary deletion.....its no use trying to dialogue over "there"....

This forum is particularly for those that are being silenced when the neopharisee's can't argue against scripture on that "other" forum.

Please note the about section of this webboard.

-- Mr. Admin (just_say_no_2_neopharisees@hotmail.com), January 12, 2002.

Hi, Connie. I too would like to see an answer to your question.

-- sam smith (Ruy_Lopez@hotnmail.com), January 12, 2002.

BTW, whenever I post with my real e-mail address, it will move to the top of the list. So if you see a post from me that is out of order, that is why....so I will use a phony addy to respond sometimes.

-- Mr. Admin (nunyo@bees.wax), January 13, 2002.

One other thing if you haven't already noticed, if you have time to delete, I have time to post... Yes, you can. You have been asked to stop. YOU have a forum that allows you speech. It does not allow those that would refute your error to speak up. Go to your own forum. If you continue to spam this forum, I will contact the system operator and have him disable posts from your IP. That will keep you not only from posting here, but to all lusenet forums. If you don't want to lose your ability to post on that "other" forum....leave this one alone.

-- Kevin Walker (kevinlwalker572@cs.com), January 15, 2002.

Very well. This will be my last post in this forum. Will you kindly delete the last post and this one? You can keep copies for your own record. My only intent was to make a point to you and I was successful in that regard.

-- Kevin Walker (kevinlwalker572@cs.com), January 16, 2002.

Can I make a suggestion? don't delete these posts. These guys are so legalistic, you now have a statement from him promising not to post anymore. Just like the neopharissee's, they wouldn't dare break such an important oath.

(notice that he thinks he's made a point?)

-- Joe (nothteleastbitimportant@hotmail.com), January 16, 2002.

To All

Do we really NOT want anyone the privilege to post on this forum? Just because someone has "another" forum to post on does this mean they should not be allowed to post here if they maintain some decency about them? I enjoyed the conversations for the most part on the other forum (except for the one or two that blatantly misconstrued my words). It was always a lively discussion until the end when they began censoring my every post and I was not given opportunity to respond to many messages posted to me and about me. This was a terrible feeling and one that I disliked and one I do not believe needs to be replicated on this forum unless one or two individuals become unruly (which I admit is completely foreseeable). However, for the majority I believe we should allow all to post here - in this way many will come to the knowledge of the truth.

Just my two cents,

-- Barry Hanson (obci2000@yahoo.com), February 10, 2002.

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