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I just found out today that one can register to vote in my state without being an actual U. S. citizen. That is one could be here illegally and register to vote. There is no checking done. Also if a person were to want to leave the country and return say on a trip to Mexico or such all that is needed to get back in the country is a valid drvers licence and a voter registration card. Certainly there should be something done to take care of this. in my state, Oregon, and any other state where this is the case. Would you take action to address this?

-- Waymon Cowley (, January 11, 2002


Every state determines voter registration procedures for its citizens. So, this would be an issue for the state legislature to change. Personally, I feel that we should enforce the laws that we have on the books. The laws are in place to prevent situations like this from occurring. There are problems in the system that need to be solved such as the lack of qualified personnel, leadership from elected officials, and money. Until someone in government makes this high priority, things will continue as normal.

-- William Coit (, January 12, 2002.

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