What is with this Enron crap??????

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Well well well, it looks like the good 'ol boys network has been busy. And it is interesting how Ashcroft and the rest of our political network have been scrambling to cover their tales.

Whewww. I've been watching way too much Fox News.

"It's not our fault if you guys lost money"

Yeah, I guess it is, seeing as how we tolerated having you dumn schmutzes in charge.

Any Takers?

-- Okie Dan (okiedan@oklahoma.net), January 11, 2002


Well their accountants lied so the people who invested in the company and who had 401 k's did not know what the financial status of the company was and they were not allowed to cash outwhen the top insiders bagged billions and go away unscathed. Basically ENRON was a big scam that used it's political connections to write laws wabeneficial to the insiders and executives in the company.

Anyway they are a bunch of criminals as far as I am concerned peace

-- cedar (positronic2002@yahoo.com), January 16, 2002.

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