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Ladies and Gentlemen (blues brothers theme music starts) May I present to you after his four week engagement touring all of noth America Okie Dan

don dononn da bapa bapa don donna da bapa bapa bum bum bum bummm bum bum bumm paaa!!!!

Than you Thank you!!!

And my apologies to those who couldn't read my typed musical notation there for the end of "I Can't Turn You Loose"

How is everybody?

-- Okie Dan (, January 11, 2002


Shitty. Im going to close this place come the end of the month. Everyone I know is already jumping to the new board, My board O Doom.

It seems Lusenet is becoming a pay site, and the other board I freuqent, Zirah, will be shut down soon. So Im running a board now.

-- Krunch Kobra (??????@??????.???), January 11, 2002.

The world is over as we know it......It will never be the same......I'm gonna miss you guys!

-- Davey Rootbeer (, January 11, 2002.

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