Possible beginning of major changes in Europe

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Just as a major event can unite a Nation within hours,so the introduction of one currency troughout Europe is bringing together European consumers as never before.Suddenly the different rates of sales tax in different countries are glaringly obvious so consumers are hopping across borders to shop where prices are cheaper.Retailers are howling & calling for tax unification.Even big retailers such as Marks & Spencers in London have been forced to accept payment in Euros otherwise they would be loosing millions in the tourist spend.One of the first companies to react to consumer pressure has been Mercedes Benz who announced two days ago they are going to be offering their top models at one price throughout Europe.

Governments are expressing concern that thanks to the relative ease of travel & the use of the internet,their citizens are becoming more "Pan European" than they would wish.This has major implications for the raising of taxes and provision of services.

-- Chris (chris@ireland .ie), January 11, 2002


Oh yes and we have only been using the Euro for 11 days.

-- Chris (chris@ireland.com), January 11, 2002.

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