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A while back you mentioned this:

"I am setting-up to do photo-reproductions. It will include an Epson Printer with special attachments to print B & W photos."


Exactly what types of reproductions? Are you talking about taking your old photographs and using PS to correct/fix the imperfections ( folds/cracking) and color degradations? (ie. full restoration)

Or, are you reproducing photo's that you have taken on a 35mm, scanning them in and having a digital copy?

Which Epson Printer and why? Any particular "special attachments" that you can specify on?

Scanner? If any. And IF you have a preference, what is it and why?

I'm setting up a small biz and am in the process of choosing a scanner, the printer I have now is an Epson Photo 870, the missing link is the scanner, I hope I don't have to think about a stand alone film scanner. Remember, this is for a commercial use, as it pertains to restoring the public's deteriorating photo stock.



-- capnfun (, January 10, 2002


Hi Captain,

A small add-on service for your customer's precious photos.Museums & etc store photos in special photo archival envelopes which help slowdown the discoloration & decay of the image.In the Uk they are known as "Silver Safe". Try looking for them or something similar with a US company called University Products Might impress your customers ??

Good luck.

-- Chris (, January 11, 2002.

Thanks Chris, will do. Good idea!

-- capnfun (, January 11, 2002.


I am not at home and I am working on someone elses computer. As to your question about printing B & W; look here:

Cone Technologies

I have seen stuff printed from it and it isn't half bad.

Best Wishes,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, January 12, 2002.


As a final thought; if you are doing this as a business, talk to someone who also does it as a business. Costs, throughput and etc are important; they aren't for me. These printing systems do have the advantage that they get rid of toxic chemicals which can be a pain to manage now-a-days.

Best Wishes,,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, January 12, 2002.


The Cone software is interesting, I'd like to see it in action though, for that price tag. BTW, they have great prices on ink cart's. I was also impressed with their line of paper products.

When ya have chance, I would like to hear more details about what you are doing in regards to photo restoration.

-- capnfun (, January 13, 2002.

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