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Prediction: New federal education bill will not turn around falling test scores

WASHINGTON, DC -- The education bill signed on Tuesday by President Bush will cause test scores to plummet and America's children to become more ignorant, Libertarians predict -- because that's what has happened after the enactment of every federal education bill over the past 30 years.

"The real education crisis in America is that politicians never seem to learn," said Steve Dasbach, Libertarian Party Executive Director.

"They haven't learned that government-run schools are the cause of student failures, and that the only way to improve education is to decrease the role of the federal government, give more power to parents, and move toward a genuine free-market system in education."

Yet decreasing federal power wasn't one of the so-called reforms in the education bill that Bush praised at signing ceremonies on Tuesday in Ohio, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire while flanked by a beaming Senator Teddy Kennedy.

The legislation, which passed Congress last year with broad bipartisan support, mandates annual math and reading tests in grades 3-8, gives local school districts more "flexibility" in spending federal aid, and gives parents the right to transfer children from one government-run school to another.

But the widely praised initiative is doomed to failure, predicted Dasbach, because history shows that more federal involvement in schools actually decreases student achievement. According to Department of Education figures:

* Between 1970 and 1995, federal education spending nearly doubled from $19 billion to $35 billion. Yet SAT scores fell by an average of 50 points. And since 1960, federal education spending has more than tripled, yet SAT scores have fallen by 100 points.

"The evidence is clear: More federal funding and involvement equals lower test scores," Dasbach said. "And now George W. Bush has signed a bill that will make the problem worse. The new budget increases funding for the Education Department, which has squandered $550 billion since 1980, by a whopping 40%."

Meanwhile, the reverse is true in private schools: They cost less money and deliver better results, Dasbach said.

* The average private school tuition nationwide is $3,116 -- less than half the $6,857 per pupil expenditure at government schools, according to the Center for Education Reform.

Yet private school students scored proficient in the 1994 National Assessment of Educational Progress reading test at 1.5 times the rate of public school students, and scored higher in math at every grade level.

So why do students do better at private schools?

The answer is simple, Dasbach said: "Private schools are rewarded only when they succeed, but government schools are rewarded even when they fail. As Education Department statistics show, government-run schools have been failing America's children for decades. Sadly, their latest reward for that failure came on Tuesday, when Democrats and Republicans increased their budget -- again."

The solution, Dasbach said, is to decrease the role of federal bureaucrats in local education, eliminate meddlesome federal mandates, stop showering federal money on failing public schools, and work to give every child the opportunity to attend a private school.

"One simple way to improve education would be to enact a dollar-for-dollar tax credit to allow any individual or company to fund private tuition for any child or any private school," he said. "Until that first step is taken, politicians will continue to pretend that government schools can be reformed, and our children will be the losers."


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-- Tator (you@cant.resist), January 10, 2002


I kinda like the bill my self I even whent as far as to tuant all the Oklahoma school board members through e-mail. I told them that they suck, and they'll fail ... to keep things short. I think Okie-Dan would agree how shity the public school system is here. Not everyone was able to go to privat school lke my self. Oh-Well I'll settle for this bill now, but I will expect more as time progresses.

-- Bob Knob (, January 12, 2002.

((Up-Date)) I finaly got a cupple responces and the where funny as hell. The 2 members of the school board felt my non-supportive comments where unnecessary, thoe I did not cuss call them names or anything, I just basicly told them that, they suck at what they do be short.

-- Bob Knob (, January 14, 2002.

((Up-date)) --Here is Michael Pierce, of the Oklahoma, Tulsa School board, and what he said in responce to my message---

Perhaps, Mr. Joe Bob Billiy Buba Bo, you should become a teacher. You would then understand the frustration of a broken down system in which your hands are tied behind your back while others expect you to parent, discipline, counsel, and teach students, who come to your class ill prepared to learn. Perhaps, Mr. Joe Bob Billiy Buba Bo, you should become politically active. Then you might truly be able to impact the broken down educational system you speak so emotionally about. However, you should not become a writer.

***I like this guy***

-- Bob Knob (, January 17, 2002.

Actually I think that message was written by Carrie Soward I think all M
-- Bob Knob (, January 17, 2002.

Actually I think that message was written by Carrie Soward I think all Mike said in responce was just, "wow!", or "I'll show this to the other members of the board." I deleted them so I can quite remember.

-- Bob Knob (, January 17, 2002.

(((Up-Date))) This is what Ronda,Mears from the Oklahoma school board had to say; "Before you send out a blanket email, you need to realize that teachers are trying. Everyday we are trying. More often than not, our hands are tied by the district and even the parents. The problems with school system is society." ------------------Do you agree with her????

-- Bob Knob (, January 22, 2002.

We need to allow teachers the freedom to teach. But we need to also hold them responsable for that to. If they do good reward them with raises. If they do badly fire them. You you cosistantly did poorly at your job you would get fired wouldnt you? So why not the people we entrust the minds of our children to?

-- Michael Tator (, January 24, 2002.

Added presure? Teachers get enough as it is from students.There are good points and bad points.Teachers can then teach students not always on a consous level how to deal with presure.In private schools the teachers are under this presure but if the fail the have state schools to fall back on don't they!Publis school teachers,where would they go?The result would be less teachers.The Bible says you a student is never better than their teacher so we do need better teachers.A private teacher's job is a good job so the student is likely to get a good job and the students ar taught how to keep deadlines,also on an unconsous level.they can do it without thinking.A public teacher has a not so good job and so the student gets a not so good job.People who's dads and mums are doctos or so learn from their parents and so they follow their path.It's the monipulization of the rich to insure they stay rich while atill remaining to look fair.What Ithink is the best thing for me?Let Jesus be my teacher and I can learn everything from him.You know it makes sense!Reply and keep the forum alive don't and it will remain dead which would be a shame as Anarchy has gone to the dogs.

-- Jesus' sidkick (, January 25, 2002.

Um, yea, just have society work it self out and stop governing them.

-- Tony (, April 18, 2002.

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