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Does anybody have any experience with Photo Formulary's copper toner? Good or bad? It sounds like, from their description, it can produce a wide range of colors. Is it real fussy or unpredictable? It also sounds like it's quite fast, which can be a mixed blessing. Can it be slowed down by diluting? What are the time ranges for which colors?

(I hastily posted this on the LF forum, soplease exuse any duplicate mailings!)


-- Andy B. (, January 10, 2002


I used some copper toner long ago (it wasn't the Formulary version, but they're all about the same). I didn't care much for the effects I achieved, but your experience might differ. My primary concern now is that the toner itself is quite poisonous. In my youthful foolishness I poured it out on a fire ant bed. It was at least 5 years before anything grew in that spot again.

-- Ed Buffaloe (, January 10, 2002.

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