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From that bastion of journalistic integrity, the Weekly World News:

WASHINGTON - In a stunning revelation, self-proclaimed time traveler Hyram Trowbridge revealed to government officials this week that by the year 2028, America will be overrun with, and ruled by, hideous mutants and freaks.

And Bat Boy will be president.

"The freaks control everything," the disheveled and often incoherent time jumper said. "There are subhuman monkey-men in Congress, terrifying ghouls in the Supreme Court, and the creature you call Bat Boy is President of the United States!"

(Stephen ponders: and this differs from the present precisely ... how?)


-- Stephen M. Poole (, January 09, 2002


Stephen, those of us who were rooting hard for BatBoy, and hoping that his current training in the USMC would have a civilizing influence on him, read a disappointing article in WWN two or three weeks ago. He got a three day pass, during which he went to a mall and bit a Santa.

-- Peter Errington (, January 09, 2002.

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