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Any ideas where I can find bamboo plants that don't cost a fortune, and will thrive in Central Indiana. Indiana Jack

-- indiana jack (, January 09, 2002


Hi Indiana Jack,I have a bamboo that grows about 6 to 8 foot high and handles freezing weather with no problem. I just dig a section of the root and plant it where I want it. Makes a nice fence or hedge. If that is what you are looking for e-mail me. Daryll

-- Daryll in NW FLA (, January 09, 2002.

This page has a list of where you can purchase bamboo in the U.S.

-- Mary in East TN (, January 09, 2002.

IN Jack,

What kind of bamboo are you looking for ? Something that looks like bamboo, but not real tall and spreads nice or one big enough for thin fishing poles or a timber bamboo - culms the size of a small oatmeal box( that's the one I want to get this year) or river cane ? Depending on what kind you want I might have a start for you.

Sara in IN

-- Sara in IN (, January 09, 2002.

if is not too far you are welcome to dig a start this spring here mine gets 20'tall and 1.5 thick its invasive so i have to cut back the spreading each year it is quite useful

-- george darby (, January 09, 2002.

Sandy Mush Herb has different bamboo plants under or not much more than $5.oo each. Mine has grown through two cold winters here in Mo. I believe they are located in Leicester, NC. Terry

-- Theresa Lipe (, January 09, 2002.

Jack, you can have ALL of ours. Please be certain to read the archive posts on bamboo. We have a kind that spreads by running and is very hardy in the WV climate. It is evergreen (ok, occ. a little yellowish tinge) and grows to 15 feet plus. It makes a beautiful hedge. It does not make for good neighboring. It spreads ALOT. It has powerful roots, immune to some chemical applications, even! It will take a few years of careful mowing and cutting to rid our border of it. If I had it to do over again I would not plant it. If you are coming to WV, I will gladly give you directions so you can dig up and cut all of ours!

-- Anne (, January 09, 2002.

Yes, do go to the "Gardening (General)" section of the "Older Messages, and read each thread whose title contains "bamboo".

DO NOT get running bamboo - get clumping bamboo. If you don't know the difference, don't get anything until you do. If whoever is trying to supply you with bamboo does not know the difference, run (do not walk) away - preferably just far enough to do the world a favour and use a mortar on them.

-- Don Armstrong (, January 10, 2002.

Jack,I opened this hoping you were offering a way to get rid of the stuff.By all means come on over. Bring a shovel and dig your heart out. We're in central Indiana, have had this stuff for 26 years (it was here when we moved here) and have been trying to get rid of it at least 24 of those years. What we have is tall stuff, with a white bloom during the summer. It does die down in the winter but comes back with a vengeance in the spring. We've tried Roundup and that doesn't work. Bring a tent so you can be there to start digging each morning on that which came up overnight! It also overtakes and kills other plants. My mission this summer is to get rid of the stuff if it kills me (and it may) Welcome to it!!

-- Rosalie (Dee) in IN (, January 10, 2002.

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