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All, I'm interested in finding a survey/map showing the old roundhouse, yards, transfer sheds, etc. of the Hamlet, NC area from around the 1940's era. I'm interested in possibly modeling the area in that timeframe. Any help that you could lend would be great! Thanks.

-- Bryan Payne (, January 08, 2002


To follow up Bryan's answer, be forewarned that EDR, VISTA, and other similar information service companies sell this information for a profit. If maps for a given area exist you will end up paying something on the order of @ $75-$85. If they do not exist, you will still end up paying $15-$25 for the time it took the company to research their database.

If cash is a tight, the easiest way to locate this information is to research the Sanborn collections at libraries as mentioned in the above posts.

-- Buddy Hill (, January 14, 2002.

I took Eric's que and did some searching on the Web for Sanborn maps. I found out that EDR (or something like that) is the current owner of the entire collection and they have made digital copies available to many education institues around the country. In my case, I live very near to Duke University who has a subscription to the entire collection of North Carolina's maps and was able to go to their library and access Hamlet's maps.

In my particular case, the Sanborn Map company created maps of Hamlet from about 1905 thru 1925 after that until about 1949 they just issued revisions to the existing survey done in 1925. Although there is quite a bit of information on this survey they did not survey the old yard area that was north of the roundhouse at Hamlet...which is something that I would like to get a copy of if anyone out there has this! Hope this info helps others out there!!

-- Bryan Payne (, January 13, 2002.

How does one go about finding Sanborn maps of a specific location?

-- Dick Kearns (, January 13, 2002.

If you can find the Sanborn maps for that time they would show the building layout.

-- Eric Corse (, January 10, 2002.

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