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Is anyone raising squab for meat? Have surfed the net and not found a whole lot of actual good information on types and prices. But, am more interested in hearing from y'alll anyway. What types are the best for meat, what are your experiences? Thanks.

-- Katie (, January 08, 2002


Hi Katie, You might want to check out the question on raising quail. A lot easier than squab,I've tried both and the quail win hands down. Daryll

-- Daryll in NW FLA (, January 09, 2002.

Someone emailed me and asked what squab was. It is basically a bird in the pigeon/dove family.

-- Katie (, January 09, 2002.

Katie, I got my first pigeons in June of 2001. I went to get big pigeons for eating. However having an inpatient husband I bid on the first ones that came up for bid. There were 4 pairs in one box. White frill back pigeons. (Pairs right) I thought. However there were four pairs in the box. These are the most beautiful birds I have ever seen, it looks like there is lace across their backs. I have raised 12 squabs from these birds only since June. I have used one pair to trade for a pair of white king pigeons(the real big ones) who have raised one squab. A pigeon raiser in my area valued the frill backs at $25.00 to $40.00 a pair. I have traded another pair of frill backs for a big round bale of hay. I only paid $3.50 a piece for the 8. They are very easy to raise. My neighbors raise quail and they have not had any eggs hatch for two years. They are going to start training their dogs with pigeons because they come home. I got these at auction and I must advise you to be careful buying at auctions but I have gotten some of my best animals at auctions. If and when you get pigeons do not let them out until they have raised squab on your place. If you do they will go back to their previous owner and he or she will resell them. There is a company called Foy's Pigeon Supplies 1-877-355-7727. I think they have a website as well just type in Foy"s Pigeons supplies. The books they offer are reasonable and will help you with care. I am very pleased with my pigeons, they entertain my family daily. And someday plan to put one to two on the table. I just keep thinking that selling them buys more meat than they produce. Anyway go ahead ond get a few to start and enjoy them. Linda

-- Linda (, January 09, 2002.

Squab is young pigeon. Need some breeders, now that you know what it is?

-- ~Rogo (, January 10, 2002.

Daryl : Thanks for your response, could you be more specific as to why you prefer the quail? I did read the quail, I belive I repsonded to it as well, I have raised coturnix for years. However, I was hoping to try the squab for two reasons, one, they raise their own, and two, for a different flavor, etc. What type did you raise? And to Rogo, yes I would love a list of breeders, thanks so much, Katie

-- Katie (, January 10, 2002.


I've been raising pigeons, for the table, for about 6 years now. I love having them around. Not only are they very low maintenance, but a shear pleasure to watch fly about. I started with several "smut" breeds, and ended up with my own cross between an all white standard homing pigeon (homers) and white kings. The kings too often smashed their own eggs in the nest due to there size, and contrary to what most people believe, all pigeons don't come home when let out, thus the need for a viable cross breed.

The space it takes to raise them is minimal, and as long as you follow the golden rule of raising pretty much any birds "Keep it Dry", you'll have healthy birds. You don't even need to scrape out the coops but once a year, as long as it stays perfectly dry. The birds will pair-up on their own, raise "usually" 2 squabs at a time, without any help what so ever, and from the time the birds hatch to butchering is 4 weeks. At that time they are just ready to leave the nest, so they are meaty, and very tender. Now, I figure from your email address your in Nevada, and down your way there is a breed called the Texas Pioneer. A wonderful meat/flying cross that thrives in your end of the country (by the way I'm in Maryland). Try this link of pigeon people on the net. There mostly flyers, but even those guys have to do something with the "culls". I could go on quite a bit about pigeons if you want me to, just ask.

.. (goto bottom of page and their divided up by country) .... (this is a very large, meat production farm in california) ... T.

ps: as far as selling the squabs, state inspection laws make it unprofitable (except to the neighbors, then I get $5 a bird cleaned.)

-- TonyG (, January 10, 2002.


that should be ...


-- TonyG (, January 10, 2002.

Thanks guys! Another question-you can raise them and keep them in an aviary right? I mean, you don't have to let them out to fly right?

-- Katie (, January 11, 2002.

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