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I have just spent a bleary eyed 2 hours, updating the archives, moving threads around and putting uncategorized messages in categories. So you all should find things in a little better order now! There are several new categories put on, so please take the time to look over the list before you put a new topic on the board. Thanks to all!

-- Melissa (, January 08, 2002


My goodness. Thank you. Sending you some virtual cinnamon tea.

-- Ann Markson (, January 08, 2002.

Thanks Ann! What took me so long was that sometimes I was reading old threads too! But mainly I "Lost" the cooking from A to Z, today is "C" thread completely, finally found it under baking after looking through several other categories, I finally started at the beginning and went through every thread ever posted here until I found it. Now all of those alphabet recipes are in one thread.

-- Melissa (, January 09, 2002.

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