Global Village Modem Fails to Dial : LUSENET : Mac Software : One Thread

I just bought a Global Village TelePort 56K/V.92 for my 8600 Power Macintosh because my previous modem seemed to totally conk out (after signs of dwindling operation: no sound and constant disconnecting).

However, I've yet to be able to connect with the new one. It simply will not dial no matter what the set-up.

I've changed the data input for type of modem description, moved scripts pertaining to the one it is supposed to be to the Modem Scripts /Extensions/System Folder, re-entered all the necessary information pertaining to my Internet Service Provider, etc., and yet there is still no dialing action.

I' ve even re-installed the OS 9.0 software (clean one) as well as the Global Village fax software, performed a Disk Aid repair indicating only minor Hard Disk errors and "rebuilt the Desktop" numerous times.

And all the hardware connections between phone, computer and modem seem to be accurate after numerous re-checks.

So what could be the problem? Any tips for getting the modem to run?

-- Meredith Wright II (, January 08, 2002

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