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A quick question for the few steam fans amongst us: Would any of you be interested in working together to try and create a database for ACL & SAL steam locomotives that would attempt to determine locomotive assignments by date for given divisions and districts of the ACL and SAL? Obviously the data would be based on dated photos, books, telegrams, etc. It would be interesting to see how well traveled some of the old girls were and the data would prove useful for anyone attempting to model a specific region during the steam era. Any interest?

-- Buddy Hill (, January 06, 2002


Thank you for the kind offers of help. We are looking at the feasibility of putting the database on the website and making it so anyone can access the database and add new data themselves.

As of now, the initial thinking is to have separate ACL and SAL databases. The ACL database will be broken down by district (ex. Richmond, Wilmington, Charleston Districts) The SAL database will be broken down by division (ex. VA,NC,SC Divisions). Under each district/division heading there will be subheadings for engine no., engine class, location, date, and source documentation (ex. photograph, Prince book, locomotive quarterly, etc.).

Can anyone with access to 1930-1948 era ACL and SAL employee timetables, post or email, a list of the ACL districts/SAL divisions (in the order they appear in the ETT). I have the ACL covered from Richmond to Savannah but lack data on the southern and western portions of the system. I have nothing on the SAL from that time interval.

Thanks again for the positive responses. More updates as the project develops......

-- Buddy Hill (, January 10, 2002.


Wonderful idea. Would like to help in anyway I can. Have no real knowledge or sources for the data you need (data acquisition), but can help in database design and in data entry.

Joe Bartolini

-- Joe Bartolini (, January 08, 2002.

Buddy, I too think that's a great idea. I was wondering if anything like this was out there. I probably don't have anything to contribute but wouldn't mind helping with what I can. I'm mainly interested in SAL in the Hamlet area.

-- Bryan Payne (, January 08, 2002.

I'll help. I have a bunch of steam photos notated with the location of the photo.

-- jack pantelias (, January 08, 2002.

Buddy: This is a GREAT idea!! I'm not sure how much I can contribute, but I would love to learn and assist. I am a member of the "green team."

Richard Stallworth

-- Richard Stallworth (, January 07, 2002.


Great to have you onboard! I'll contact you off-line with details, etc. Just finished an initial review of the Charleston, SC area and can place 56 ACL steam engines assigned to or passing through the area between 1930 and 1948. I do not have much info on SAL steam so hopefully someone from the green team can help with SAL steam assignments.

-- Buddy Hill (, January 07, 2002.

Count me in Buddy.Would love to learn &contribute. Waiting to hear more, Dan

-- Dan King (, January 07, 2002.

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