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Can anyone tell me about the Spencer WV area - general living conditions, schools, prices, etc? Appreciate all responses.

-- Myron from South NM (, January 06, 2002


I like the area, and my wife and I recently bought property there.

The back roads aren't typically meant for passenger cars. Neighbors seem to take care of neighbors, but there are plenty of hills, trees, and fences between.

Land prices seem reasonable.

I was surprised to hear a high school teacher (the county high school is outside of Spencer) say he was burning out, and that the kids are different now. You and I know the kids are different now though.

-- Rick (, January 06, 2002.

Beautiful area. Getting ready to buy 11 acres there with NO IMPROVEMENTS for 6500.00 cash. Property we are getting is covered in mature hardwoods such as walnut maple and oak,oak, and more oak. We looked for 18 months before we found property we could afford. A lot of it is passed down from generation to generation and never gets sold out of the family. There is a lot of houses and small farms for sale right now--wish I could afford one that is already up and running but can't. Prices for small farms is reasonable-- we just don't want to carry a loan right now. If you like being "out" you're looking in the right area. One other thing.. there aren't a whole lot of main roads in that area. Lots of twists, turns, and one lane blacktop or dirt roads. When you see a sign that says "Farm Area" they really mean slow it down or risk a thousand lbs of prime beef on your bumper- cattle wander across some of the roads!! The actual town of Spencer is quaint and pretty. Lots of old houses with fancy woodwork. Visit in October for the Black Walnut Festival.

-- Kathy from near Spencer (, January 07, 2002.

Thanks Rick and Kathy for your responses. I'll be retiring from the Air Force soon, and am trying to decide if this would be a good area to raise kids and live the "homestead lifestyle". Sounds like a nice area, but am concerned about the educational system and poverty level. Also heard some not-so-good things about water quality/availability (wells). Any other information is greatly appreciated (you can send responses directly to my e-mail address if you prefer). Thanks again!

-- Myron in S NM (, January 07, 2002.

Just a bit more info for you.Spencer is cute,quaint etc.I would ask Do You Intend to work?Many people here are on welfare/foodstamps etc.There is a reason for it "mostly" jobs are few and far between pay is poor and on and on.Land prices are fair but rising.We bought our farm here 8yrs. ago,75acs.w/house,barn,shed,two wells(1 hand dug) for $35,000.I figure we could double our money (or close to it)now. Spencer has jumped on the WALLY WORLD band wagon,and the NEW HIGHWAY access is in the planning stages.(Which means that "CUTE,QUAINT" are only short lived.) There is a 6% sales tax on EVERYTHING!!!(food,Clothing etc.)You will also pay tax on any Vehicle you bring w/you(book value is used to figure)Insurance rates are HIGH because everyone wants to sue everyone!Property Taxes are cheap though;-) Don't get me wrong,we like it here but were under a few false pretenses when we decided to move here.We are getting ready to go west to look for more property to invest in.We are keeping this one too.The neighbors are nice if you treat them w/RESPECT!I know a few "outsiders"who the locals won't give the time of day to. If you decide to come,keep your eyes OPEN&your mouth SHUT!

-- Shelly from near Spencer (, January 07, 2002.

We moved to Upshur County WV which is in the middle I don't know how close to Spencer and we love it. We were from NJ and it is a breath of fresh air. There are alot of poor and welfare. I have a daughter in 2nd grade and she is doing great and the schools here are just as good as in NJ. The property tax is low but the prices have gone up in the past 10 years. We have 63 acres and a nice ranch(basic) we have 2 barn/outbuildings. A very big cement building and 3 ponds. We paid 162,000 for it in July. Neither of us have to work we have a nice pension coming in. Life is what you make of it no matter where you live. I love it and will never move.

-- sonneyacres (, January 10, 2002.

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