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Got to thinking we could play checkers or chess right here on a thread. I use to play chess by correspondence, using piece color and board hemisphere coordinates to indicate moves. In the days of snail mail a game could go on for months. I got to thinking we could use a thread to play a game of chess or even checkers if you have the boards with numbers on it. It would be faster than snail mail and folks could monitor the thread for game progress and chew the fat , just like on the porch of the general store. What do you think?

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, January 06, 2002


Jay, if you go into google with "play chess live", there is allready many thousands of chess players waiting for competision.

-- mitch hearn (, January 06, 2002.

Mitch , thanks , I'll check it out. Since it just me and the dogs , its either the computer (which I have stalemated. If I do win, no time for chess cause its time for logic diagnostics), the net or teach the hounds to play and they're just now starting on snagging my beer if I set it down :>) I just thought a game on a thread could fit some schedules better than real time and had the advantage of e-mail alert.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, January 06, 2002.

Jay-I play checkers and chess online at Its like the old play-by-mail games, whereas you make your move, send it in, and then the other person moves when he is online. You ought to check it out! I've played on that site for a year and a half, and have met lots of nice people there. Good luck! Joe

-- Joe (, January 06, 2002.

Jay and Joe

Either way sounds like fun. The itsyourturn would compensate for whether or not one is online or offline. Joe e-mail or post your chess moniker. I will try to get Rick_122.

Jay I'm not sure Lusenet would co-operate in displaying the board properly, but we could find out.

-- Rick (, January 06, 2002.

Wouldn't need a dispayed board, just a real board by the computer and don't knock the pieces over. I have even played dominoes this way with a friend by using text positions in the email to indicate positions. Very low tech, but enjoyable.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, January 06, 2002.

When I registered at itsyourturn I read the terms of use. At the bottom it had a link to "return to registration page". When I clicked this, it put up a blank registration page. I went back, with the back button instead, closed the terms page, and there was my registration filled in waiting for me to check that I agreed to the terms, which I did to complete registration.

-- Rick (, January 06, 2002.

Joe , Rick,

I just registered at itsyourturn. I registered as Jay B. Even playing there, I'll set up a board to see a real setup instead of just a diagram. Thanks for the site info.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, January 06, 2002.


I registered at: Thought this was a great chance to play some serious chess with you folks! Still using the same username: Espresso42

Sincerely, Ernest

-- (, January 06, 2002.

My screenname on itsyour turn is when you sharks are ready, send me a message!LOL Joe

-- Joe (, January 06, 2002. has a great net chess site. its free. it saves the game for you. it lets you move one move at a time. i have games with people all over the world. it will even email you when you have a move. i bookmark my player page and i pull it up and it tells me which game it is my turn on. play me my name on there is jordansamkevinsdad

-- randy wybrant in missouri (, January 07, 2002.

i checked out and i think is a much easier to use and has more advantages. but it only has chess, where the other has several games.

-- randy wybrant (, January 07, 2002.

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