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More than 17,000 of these were gathered a couple of years ago in Keene, NH, so what makes this time unique?

-- mitch hearn (, January 06, 2002


We are talking about consumables here.

-- mitch hearn (, January 06, 2002.

I remember reading this story! But I can't remember what it was!!!

-- Mark in N.C. Fla. (, January 06, 2002.


-- Mark in N.C. Fla. (, January 06, 2002.

And what was unique about these pumpkins?

-- mitch hearn (, January 06, 2002.

They were all made into jack-o-lanterns on the spot? I actually have no idea.

-- Cathy N. (, January 06, 2002.

A correct answer; 17,693 made the record book as the largest gathering.

New question: Did you know that Jack Simplot is most likely the person that has fed more people in America than anyone else, why?

-- mitch hearn (, January 06, 2002.

He probably has something to do with McDonalds, since they claim to have fed more people in the world than anybody else.

Talk to you later.

-- Bob in WI (, January 06, 2002.

Maybe he has worked at a McDonalds longer than anyone else?

-- Jason in S.Tenn. (, January 06, 2002.

He is the farmer that supplies McD with potatos or at least holds the biggest contract.

-- mitch hearn (, January 06, 2002.

Shoot! I am from Keene, I could have gotten that one :-)

-- george (, January 06, 2002.

What kind of potatoes are they? McDonald's fries are my favourite.

-- Cathy N. (, January 07, 2002.

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