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I would like your opinion on something. I have read alot where alot of people make there own homemade mixes and cleaners too. There are just 3 of us and was wondering if it would be worth it to make my own. How many of you make your own. The reason I am asking is my mom says it's alot more expensive to buy all the ingredients to make the mixes, just buy the mixes already in the store. my family would think I'm crazy for doing this. Need all the support I can get. Thanks again. Karen S. in NC

-- Karen S. (KSaun54653@aol.com), January 05, 2002


I would buy the stuff and make my own. Even using the bread machine and having to buy the dry milk, you pay maybe half, probably less for delicious bread than you would pay for a store-made loaf, and lots less than a boxed mix for the bread machine.

I make brownie mixes up for next to nothing - buy cocoa for $2, sugar for $1 (the good kind, on sale always!), and flour for less than $1, along with salt and baking powder or soda, which are cheap. You always have to add your own eggs and oil anyway, and the recipe I have, I spend about $4.50 to get probably 6 pans of brownies, the 9 x 13 size. I don't think there is any way I could get the same quality brownies if I bought mixes, and I know it would cost a lot more money, I have looked!

I have a recipe that came from the Countryside forum for all-purpose cleaner that probably costs pennies compared to 409 or Fantastik. And for glass cleaner, I saved an old spray bottle, put about 1/3 cup ammonia in the bottom and filled it with water. Costs next to nothing, (ammonia was less than $1 for a half gallon, don't get the lemon scented, it streaks) and works better than windex, I think!

I'm trying to break it down myself, but from the math I have figured, I will save a fair amount of money by not buying these store-bought things, and my house will be just as clean, and my brownies better! I'm still working on the bread -- I'm planning on jarring up some of those mixes next week! (By the way, if you put them in quart jars, and tie the recipe around the top with a length of ribbon, they make great gifts -- that's what my kids' teachers all got this year, and they really enjoyed them!)

-- Christine in OK (cljford@aol.com), January 06, 2002.

Karen- I started making up my own mixes some time ago-My kids are allergic to cottonseed oil, and I have a sensitivity to MSG and a lot of other perservatives, so I started doing it for health reasons, but I found that it did indeed save a lot of money, plus you can tailor them to suit your tastes-adding less sugar, for example. My kids LOVE the hot cocoa mix that I make and its way cheaper than Swiss Miss and no perservatives!

This year, for Christmas, the kids and I made "Sand Art Brownie Mixes" for our families. This is just where you layer the different ingrediants in the jar, instead of mixing it all together-first the amount of white sugar, then brown, then the flour, then the cocoa, etc.I forgot what site I found it on-though I know I got the link from this forum. I went to a country clip art page and found really cute tags, and printed those off and wrote the rest of the instructions for the brownies on it. Everyone loved these! Next year, (hopefully) I plan to do soup mixes.

There is a great book called "Cheaper and Better" that is full of these kinds of mixes. I picked mine up at a used book store, but our Library has a copy. If your looking for a mix in particular and I have it, I'll be happy to share.

I do my own cleaners also-because we are on septic system, and I'm very cautious about what I use in the house. I like them!

-- Kelly (homearts2002@yahoo.com), January 06, 2002.

Even though there are three of you, you can save money. The math is done in the Tightwad Gazette books (check you library or buy them). You will make a batch that will last you months (less elbow grease than someone with a bigger family). You can find ingredients at discount stores and dollar stores for less.

-- Ann Markson (tngreenacres@hotmail.com), January 06, 2002.

does anyone have a cleaner mix that's like 409/Fantastik type cleaner? I use ammonia/water for glass cleaner and vinegar and bleach but I can seem to mix up anything that works as good as 409 or fantastik. I buy the generic stuff but I'd still rather make my own. Tried different combinations of ammonia/dish soap/water but still nothing near as good. Any ideas?

-- Dave (something@somewhere.com), January 06, 2002.

Dave, this is the all-purpose cleaner recipe I have. I haven't tried it yet, I'm just finishing off the last bottle of 409 (I bought with double-coupons while on sale, cost less than $1, but still too high if this works!)

1/4 cup baking soda

3/4 cup household ammonia

1/2 cup white vinegar

1 gallon (16 cups) warm water

2 drops food coloring (optional)

Mix all ingredients and store. Pour into spray bottle when needed.

I can't remember where I printed this off at, but the heading on my page says "Make Your Own Cleaners" by Lisa Van den Boomen.

Also, Karen, I meant to add to my first post, there are only four of us in the house, and I still think you can save quite a bit making your own! You have to clean the same surfaces whether there's one or ten of you!

-- Christine in OK (cljford@aol.com), January 06, 2002.

Karen, before I moved in with my parents there was just 2 of us. I made my own mixes and I did save money. Plus I knew what was going into our bodies and on my furniture. I still make my own mixes and save tons!!!!!!!!! of money. I also give alot of mixes for shower gifts and they are a huge hit. I am all for making your own mixes no mater what everyone else thinks. Most of my friends and family think I am crazy to make my own anything. Do what is right for you and forget about what anyone else thinks! God Bless

-- Micheale from SE Kansas (mbfrye@totelcsi.net), January 07, 2002.

Everyone please remember not to mix ammonia and bleach together. The resulting fumes can be deadly!

-- Melissa (me@home.net), January 07, 2002.

Anyone have a " mix" for a dusting spray?

-- willa (goodall6@hotmail.com), January 07, 2002.

Hi! I want to thak everyone who responded about the homemade mixes. What a great bunch of people you are. Kelly i sent you an e-mail to get some more ideas for mixes. Thanks again. Karen S. in NC

-- Karen S. (KSaun54653@aol.com), January 07, 2002.

Here's some websites with make your own mix recipes:

Budget 101

Dry Mixes

Make Your Own Mixes

CD Kitchen Mixes

-- Sherri C (CeltiaSkye@aol.com), January 07, 2002.

Thanks Christine, I'll try that one out.

-- Dave (something@somewhere.com), January 07, 2002.

Melissa, my grandmother-in-law (Grannie of the Christmas stories) was telling me about accidentally mixing ammonia and bleach together while trying to get one of her sons' (she had 5) baseball uniforms clean when they were in high school. She said she always told them if they played, that uniform better not come home clean! Somehow, she had soaked the uniforms in one solution, then accidentally added the other to the machine when she washed. She says they put out a lot of smoke, but she didn't know what else they did together, because she left the house, and fast!

I also found a recipe for dust and furniture polish from the same list that the all-purpose cleaner came from. It says:

1 cup vegetable oil

1/2 cup lemon juice

Pour oil and lemon juice into a squirt bottle or jar. Stire to combine. To use, dip dust cloth or rag into oil, blot the oil by folding the cloth together, and then dust your furniture. Leaves a beautiful finish.

Hope this helps! By the way, thanks Karen, this turned out to be a great thread!

-- Christine in OK (cljford@aol.com), January 07, 2002.

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