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During the filming of The Mothman Prophecies in Kittanning, PA I had the privilege of seeing Richard on many occassions. During the whole period he seemed to avoid the public eye as much as possible. I realize that it must be hard to put up with the public when you are a star, but then isn't that a part of being a star? After all, we are the ones to pay his wages technically. Richard hid out in his chauffeur driven Cadillac and gave a wave, nod or smile when he finally emerged. Not once did I see him shake a hand or sign an autograph. Why? There weren't that many of us there that we would mob him like fans did over Elvis or the Beatles. I have been a long-time fan of Richard and this whole experience has left me feeling cheated, and also has lowered him a few steps on my pedestal.

-- J. W. (, January 05, 2002

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