Speaking of James Coburn, as we have been

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One subtopic of a couple of recent threads has been the actor James Coburn (star of the late 60s movie "In like Flint").

I get a lot of ads in the mail for health products - SuperHealth this and that. A few years ago I got one with a big picture of the smiling Coburn, and an article by him. He said that for a great many years he had been totally incapacitated by (if memory serves) some horrible form of arthritis, but that the product being advertised had given his life back to him.

-- Peter Errington (petere7@starpower.net), January 05, 2002


Isn't he dead? Not his career, I mean his person. Well, of course, his career could be dead when his person dies, unless you saw "Looker" and then you have to wonder about that.

-- helen (love@you.peter.e), January 06, 2002.

What was the name of the arthritis stuff he was using? You shouldn't tell us these things unless you know what it is.

-- (gee@thanks.PAL), January 06, 2002.

This was about four years ago, and I didn't save the material.

-- Peter Errington (petere7@starpower.net), January 06, 2002.

Well there certainly are enough articles about it.


The way he all of a sudden started promoting MSM bigtime in 1998 is kinda suspicious. Maybe he was going broke and this company decided they'd like to have a celebrity to promote their product. Naaah, that never happens, lol.

-- (MSM@"miracle.cure"), January 06, 2002.

Helen's comments made me think of an old movie...

In Big Jake, people kept saying "I thought you were dead". Jake (John Wayne) would respond "Not hardly!" Finally he got so tired of hearing it, he said he was gonna kill the next person who said it. lol

-- Pammy (better@watch.out helen), January 06, 2002.

Pammy, your post reminds me of a little comic strip I saw involving Regis. Time after time he has to put up with people convulsed with their own wit. (For example, laughing waiter: "Is that your final order?"). Finally he gets pissed off enough to plug one of these witty people. The last picture shows Regis on death row waiting for execution. The priest points to a plate and jokingly says "Is that your final meal?"

-- Peter Errington (petere7@starpower.net), January 06, 2002.

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