West Virginia Homesteading questions

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We are husband/wife/baby looking to re-locate from western PA probably to northcentral or northeastern WV.

Hoping for 20+ acres, house, garden, barn, timber, animals, spring, etc. (this is a wish list!) Anyone know of anything??

Have looked for land on unitedcountry.com, etc. Wonderful prices, found some things that look interesting - maybe will take trips this spring.

Wondering about people's experiences as far as neighbors (friendly or not welcoming to outsiders?) isolation (dealing with rural living), home-based businesses (how are internet connections?), etc.

I stay home with baby right now & husband works, has health benefits, etc. Anyone know of health insurance for those who are self-employed? Are there really any legitimate companies?

If I'm unclear in anything above, please let me know & I'll try to clarify - )I've been reading msgs for quite a while & my brain is a little blurry!) ;)

THANK YOU for your time!

-- HMM (h.m.metheny@att.net), January 05, 2002


I am here, near Romney, about 30 miles under Cumberland, Md. The people are fine, allmost too friendly if they like you, in the rural areas everybody knows everybody, their dogs name, who's granddad made shine, and who was your first kiss. There is not a lot of commerse if you are accustom to a place where there is growth. This town with a population of around 6500 has maybe 3 listing for jobs per catagory in the daily paper. Things are spreadout here in these small towns, if you need a lawn mower part, a tractor part, and sewing supplies it may be a 60 to 75 mile loop through different towns. The roads here are two lane in my area, drivers are familiar with the curves and they follow too close. As for property with a nice house, barn, springs, ect, farmable you better bring about 125 big ones to have any one listen to you and it does go up. 40 to 60 will get some land with a useable house, a barn that needs attention, not a whole bunch more. Try www.realtor.com, hollar back if you have more questions.

-- mitch hearn (moopups@citlink.net), January 05, 2002.

Do you want rural or close to a city? The northern and eastern panhandles are within 20-45 minutes of Pittsburgh, PA or Washington DC. Near the cities with colleges or universities their is more diversity of folk. Internet connections are everywhere. Cell phones are more difficult due to the mountains.

Check out NASE.com for the National Assoc. of Self-Employed. They offer health insurance at a reasonable price. You can pick the amount of coverage from only catastrophic to including dental and eye care. Call and talk to your local rep. Their prices beat out my alumni association.

Oh, and in the northcentral part of the state you will be close to WVU (West Virginia University), about 2 hours from Pittsburgh, 4 hours from Washington DC, 6 hours from the Delaware beaches and under 10 from the Carolina beaches. Two hours from the state capitol, and 5 from Cleveland Ohio.

-- Anne (Healthytouch101@wildmail.com), January 05, 2002.

Hi,,Wv is my home,,am out in the NW at the present,but am returning soon. To help with some of your questions. ***the people are very friendly as a rule, after you get to know them and they you,,even more friendly,,Many West Virginians never know a stranger,,that is the way I am . We just are naturally friendly and generous. If you walk up to someone on their porch they will most likely offer you a cold drink and any number of goodies, wonderful people in WV. Of course there is always the exception to the rule. These are the people that have lived there a very long time, or born there,,new folks may not be so friendly due to their previous lifestyle.

I always appreciated the climate in WV. Gardening is wonderful and the garden season is a good length,,sometimes can get a second planting out and harvested,,according to how you time it. You can grow just about anything,,and N central is well known for it's Apple,Peach and Cherry orchards,,Flowers thrive well there,,most any kind. Get good harvest of hay, straw, whatever is planted. The fact that WV is high in humidity helps with the lush growth of trees, woods, forests. ***Lots of recreational areas available.

***like was mentioned,,you do have to travel long distances to shop for certain items, but you get use to that. The driving may be hard for you at first,,the roads are 98% curves and a lot of mountain driving to get to places. But you soon get used to that too...If you decide on WV,,I am sure you will be pleased,,and soon feel at home,,,,,,feel free to email me anytime,,Take care now,,Patsy

-- Patsy, MT (cozyhollow-gal@care2.com), January 05, 2002.

I am a mile south of Blacksville. Have Goats & chickens here. It's ok - better than PA...taxwise.

-- Elizabeth Quintana (rockshelter@webtv.com), January 05, 2002.

Consider SE Ohio too, our land down here is even cheaper than WV, and we have more jobs as well.

Try these websites: www.swisslands.com ; www.fliehmanrealty.com ; and www.brunerland.com.

The Spencer area of WV is beautiful, rolling hills and some mountains too, lots of hardwood forest, but not much in the way of job opportunities unless you care to commute over an hour to Charleston or up to the Marietta, OH or Parkersburg area.

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (annie@1st.net), January 07, 2002.

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