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I would like to build a rowing seat and oars for a sail board. Iam a sheet metal worker by trade so I am skilled in forming and welding alum and stanles steel. i need some dim. on the lenth and rise of oar locks and length of oars + size of blades. I have some ideas on a sliding seat using roller blade wheels but any help in this arey would be appreciated

-- dave hahn (dhahn99@netzero.com), January 04, 2002


Dave, Glen-L marine has plans for a sliding-seat that looks like what you're looking for. Check them out at www.glen-l.com

Regards, Tom A.

-- Tom Anderson (tomcrysa@yahoo.com), January 09, 2002.

the kit might work... you'd have to watch the hieght off the water though think most rowing shells/boats sit deeper in the water than a sailboard would. (ie the kit might put you 2-3 inches higher than you'd want to be...

as far as the rest of it goes... it depends on the length of the oars you choose, ( which will determine your spread/span between oarlocks ) the oarlock height/rise rise depends on your body size/weight ... generally the top of your seat should be 4-6 inches higher than your heels and you'll want the oarlocks to be 4-6 inches above the height of your seat...SO that you feel comfortable. the ideal oarlock hieght is the one that puts your oar HANDLES about level with the lower part of your chest. and again oar length comes into play...

where are you at in the process so far?? i've heard of (but never seen) rollerblade wheels in pvc pipe slide tracks.

I recently built some dories where the rigger mounted on the gunnels... then i just used different combinations of 1" and 2" foam board to raise my seat and feet independently untill everything was in the right ballpark.


-- Mike Reiner (reiners@silk.net), August 15, 2002.

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