Hubby and I might have a chance of relocating to the Iron County area of Utah. I have no idea what town it would be near as of yet. This is simply a "would you be interested" type of thing between hubby and a coworker.

However, if anyone is familiar with that area I would appreciate any information you could provide us with!!!

Thanks in advance!!!

-- wolfie (, January 04, 2002


The major part of Iron County is beautifull but beware of part if it. There is a bad area - Beryl, Lund and Modena you would need to look up the hazzards there. There is an old insecticide dump near Beryl that was used for all those products that the government classified as not for use on human foods that were once being dumped on food crops etc. The EPA has Beryl even on their major attention list. Who knows what the ground water is like now or in the future with the problems that they have there. You can buy really cheap land around there but it's not worth it. East and South Iron County are nice areas and Cedar City has lots of summer and winter activities. If I moved back to Utah I would want a place East or north-east of Cedar City.

-- shari (, January 04, 2002.

Ditto on the above answer. Stay awy from beryl, enterprise and modena. People aren't too friendly there and the land is mostly salty anyway. Most people have to have a greenhouse to grow there. A lot of polygamist in the area also. Beautiful clear nights, very cold.

-- monkeyface (, January 04, 2002.

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