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I must say that as well as the person a few posts down i have also had a summary judgement awarded against me despite fighting tooth & nail from day one for all the good it has done me. It would seem that more & more people whom i know about & also from what i have read on this site appear to be loosing the battle against these building societies, why are more & more judges sideing with these scum. What chance have we got, at least if there were more success stories posted their would be some hope but i have not found one, are we doing all this in vain? sorry to sound downheartened but after doing everything possible only to loose gets you like this. Comments on these summary judgements would be greatfully received & what would be the next step once one of these is put in place?


-- sally (, January 04, 2002


There are a number of different procedures if you wish to apply to change the terms of a court order. A fee is payable to make an application to vary a judgment. In some circumstances the fee may be waived. The procedure depends on what sort of order was made against you. Also either party can apply to the court to have a judgment or order set aside/cancelled. I recommend that you take further advice from your local CAB a.s.a.p. as they will be able to explain the procedure fully to you about whether in your particular case changing the terms of a court order or requesting the order be set aside apply to your case.

-- Anne David (, January 04, 2002.

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