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TO: SCL, ACL, SAL fans and experts..Could anyone out there give me a history of the Macon Dublin & Savannah Railroad that ran from Macon to Dublin and onward to Savannah? I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks.

-- Mark S. Mosely (, January 04, 2002


The date for the merger of the MD&S into the Seaboard Air Line should read March 31, 1958 rather than 1948. Typographical error.

Bob Hanson

-- Robert H. Hanson (, January 07, 2002.

The Macon, Dublin & Savannah Railroad was incorporated on August 6, 1885, as the Macon & Dublin Railroad. The name was changed to Macon, Dublin & Savannah RR on May 31, 1890 and the line was opened to Dublin in 1891. The road was built by the Illinois & Georgia Improvement Company, and was extended to Vidalia in March, 1902. Although surveys were made to extend the line to Savannah, this was never accomplished. Control of the MD&S passed to the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad in 1904, but the ACL had no direct connection with it and deemed it unprofitable to build the 78 miles of track necessary to effect such a connection. Therefore, the ACL sold the MD&S to the Seaboard Air Line Railway in 1906 for $1,200,000. The road was operated independently until March 31, 1948, when it was merged with the SAL.

-- Robert H. Hanson (, January 06, 2002.

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