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A team of 14 8th graders at the Mott Hall School- IS223 have designed an experiment that will be launched on the NASA Space Shuttle in June, 2002. This is part of a NASA outreach to New York students after the destruction of September 11. NASA has been including student experiments on the shuttle for a number of years. The program is called SEM (Space Experiments Module).

The students are participating in a program called the Mott Hall-CCNY STARS (Student Apprenticeships in Research). STARS is a collaboration between City College and The Mott Hall School, in which each year eighth grade students spend three hours a week working with mentors in CCNY Science and Engineering Research laboratories.

You can see a description of our experiment, and also the other student experiments that will be flying on our mission, at the NASA website:


-- Susan Herzog (, January 04, 2002


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