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Hello, I am new to this... I want to convert video from my sony digital camcorder to my PC in any easiest possible format for now - mpeg, VCD, CDV, quicktime, etc. Can I please get a checklist and instructions.

As far as I understand (a) I need a capture card - if not pl. correct me (b) a video editing software - which is the best? Adaptec or Adobe premeire (c) finally how do I import & save it.

can't I simply import using a software from my video?

Thanks in advance, -Mehul.

-- Mehul Shah (, January 04, 2002


How serious are you and how much do you have. Also what kind of PC do you have - i'd advise a big disk and a powerful PC with lots of memory for video - or you can spend a lot of time sitting around.

You can start with a simple capture card and use microsoft movie maker which will export to windows media format. Or you can use nero CD writer software to put video files onto CD in VCD format.

Since you have a digital camera you might want to get a firewire card for your PC and copy the stuff over digitally (possibly better quality - debatable whether you can see it on the final version)

Or you can buy an expensive video card which normally comes with a lot of bundled software like ulead or adobe and firewaire and analogue capture ports.

You can spend a lot of money on this stuff but if you look around there are also some very cheap bundled packages which will do all the basic stuff.

-- Michael S (, January 05, 2002.

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