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.... sorry I pressed the wrong key again!!

assuming that you have already read the previous note I posted... My husband claims he was unaware of this oversight and the Bradford and Bingley seem to have either chosen to ignore the fact or hadn't realised either because it wasn't until I started making the full payment that it unfortunately came to their notice and they have been pursuing me fiercely ever since to repay the 1,000 in accumulated arrears. I have responded promptly to every letter thay have sent and explained that I am having difficulty finding any extra money to pay over and above the normal monthly payment to reduce the arrears. We have never missed a payment. I told them that we intend to sell the house next summer and that we have around 20,000 in collateral over and above the mortgage and arrears owing in the house. Bradford and Bingley sent me a letter this morning which was dated 2 weeks ago, threatening court action and repossesion if we haven't cleared this 1,000 in arrears in 7 days from the date of the letter..... Can they do this?? we haven't missed any payments at all and we have been paying the correct monthly amount since I discovered the error?

-- Susan (, January 04, 2002

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