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There was a time last year when Pat Robertson said something with which I agreed [I think it related to the faith-based stuff]. Hell really froze over today when I found myself agreeing with something Dick Armey said.

IMO, tax-payer dollars should not be used to bail ANY corporation out of either a crisis situation, OR potential law suits. I think it's wrong for us to pay for the airline suits and I think it's equally wrong for us to pay for the suits that arise for these folks.

-- Anita (, January 03, 2002


Please forgive me for misspelling the name in the thread title. Daschle, right?

-- Anita (, January 03, 2002.

This is chump change compared to the $$20 BILLION that Dumbya has funneled to his buddies in the airline industry. Can't wait to see how much it's going to cost us to save his scumbag friends at Enron. They should have to personally pay back every penny they stole from others, and then be burned at the stake. Instead, Dumbya will let the taxpayers bail them out and they will walk free and rich, as if it never happened. You're wasting your energy bashing Daschle Anita, the rightwing rednecks are already trying to kill him with anthrax. It would be wiser for you to direct your criticism toward the real problem, King Idiot, and do everything possible to remove him from power.

-- (Dumbya@destroying.America), January 03, 2002.

You really ought to read Polish history.

-- helen (, January 03, 2002.

I understand that this is just chump change, but the principle still applies, IMO. Of course the administration will gladly go along with THIS one, as the Canadian firm that bought out this mining company is the very same one with connections to "Daddy" Bush, not to mention the same one that is suing the Guardian for telling the truth about them.

I can understand that Congresscritters want to encourage pork for their own constituents, but I find it telling when the "top dog" Democrat engages in the same sortof hypocrisy of which the Republican party is so famous.

-- Anita (, January 04, 2002.

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