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Body type, not calories, may be cause of obesity
By Nicola Woolcock
(Filed: 27/11/2001)

OBESITY is caused by body type and not just by diet, with some women destined to gain weight faster than others, new research claims.

Overweight women convert carbohydrates into fat twice as fast as those who are thinner, according to the study by Cambridge's medical research council.

It contradicts traditional thinking which blames obesity solely on the calories a person consumes and the proportion of fat in their diet.

"We have confirmed for the first time in women that obese ladies are much more able to deposit fat from carbohydrates than lean women," said Dr Regina McDevitt. "The more you eat the more fat you lay down.

"In many ways that would be a fantastic survival skill if we were still hunter-gatherers foraging for food, but in our Western world where food is abundant it is something that is causing problems.

"There is a hint that there is a difference in an individual's ability to convert carbohydrate into fat and it could be genetically linked."

Five obese and eight lean women wore special body suits to measure their energy expenditure. All were given the same diet, designed to meet their needs, but the heavier women converted the same amount of carbohydrates twice as fast.

When the participants were given 50 per cent more energy than they needed, the rate of conversion increased to three times as fast for those who were obese.

The research team now claims that some people may have a genetic potential to convert carbohydrates, known as de novo lipogenesis.

-- Anonymous, January 03, 2002

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