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Three words using the letters G and P within them, in order as given?

-- mitch hearn (, January 03, 2002


eggplant, agape (religion), and don't know another.

-- Cindy in KY (, January 03, 2002.

Are the g and p suppose to be adjacent, like in flagpole? Or separate like in grape, gallup, gap, etc. Polly

-- (, January 03, 2002.

Adjasent as in: kingpin, magpie, pigpin and is answered.

The new question: Whos flag is not a rectangle?

-- mitch hearn (, January 03, 2002.

I can remember a flag shaped like a pennant, but will have to get to school to use my books to see which one it was.

And...Mitch, I teach my kids to question everything, to find out why. I put up with (actually encourage) a lot of respectful arguing in my classes because I don't want the kids to grow up to accept everything told to them as gospel unless they have rationally determined there's a darn good reason to do so. With kindergarteners, I also have to teach them that it is OK to make mistakes. Some 5 year olds have already been put under so much pressure to be 'perfect' that they need counseling! So I write a letter on the board backwards sometimes or 'forget' a certain step in our routine. They correct me and see that I don't fall apart if I make a mistake. I just go along and try not to make that one again.

All this to say, Mitch, if you make a mistake I may call you on it, but I won't stop reading the stumpers each morning. I still think you were wrong about the largest McDonalds; I've stopped at the one in Vinita, OK, and it is huge:^}

-- Debbie in S IL (, January 03, 2002.

A bit of research shows the one in Ok. to be 29,135 square foot, whereas the one in china is 28,000 square feet but with 36 more seats; there is also a claim that there is one in Orlando which claims to be the largest, no sq. ft. found on it but it is two story with extra products offered. I guess "largest" is defined by either sq. ft. or seats, which ever you choose. I will see if Mc Donalds have an opinion.

-- mitch hearn (, January 03, 2002.

The question is still, Whos flag is not a rectangle?

-- mitch hearn (, January 03, 2002.

Japan?? I am resisting the temptation to look in the encyclopedia!

-- Melissa (, January 03, 2002.

8:00 pm. est. I am crashing, the answer is Nepal with twopenates as their flag.

-- mitch hearn (, January 03, 2002.

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