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you should see what the heck that zero guy is doing to me on the final fantasy board. i am under attack and it is strange. and i have no fricken idea why he is targetting me, and now he won't let it drop. oh well. at least here there is some refuge. sorry i haven't posted much here lately davey, i got busy.

-- moonbyter13 (jill_valentine13@hotmail.com), January 03, 2002


heh whats ur sn ill talk to u if u want well find a way to stop him, my sn is "peacefinda" i use aim.

-- Vincent V. (Vincent@V.com), January 05, 2002.

mine is moonbyter13....but everything is cool now

-- moonbyter13 (jill_valentine13@hotmail.com), January 05, 2002.


-- Rensokuken of Hell (Squal4lyfe@yahoo.com), January 05, 2002.

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