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Got my LINES SOUTH today. As ALWAYS, a great publication!! Keep up the good work folks!!


-- Raymond Smith (, January 02, 2002


Mark and all,

Thanks again for your kind words and support. The article ideas are great ones and I think we would love to see them in print, but as Editor Oates has pointed out on these pages, nearly everything we publish comes in from members - so by all means, if you and others can get together on an MD&S article or any other good one of interest, please send it to us. If you can't prepare a finished article, then photos or other "raw material" is still helpful.

-- Larry Goolsby (, January 07, 2002.


Just got my Lines South yesterday. Another great issue! Perhaps one day the GS&F HS will have one that large. As always, you guys have a jam-up organization. I will fill out my survey right away and send it to you. Good work!

Just a thought...could you guys do an article or two on the MD&S or perhaps the Georgia Railroad? I would be happy to assist on submitting material for it. Tal Orr and some of the MGRA members I know would assist me. Thanks.


-- Mark S. Mosely (, January 05, 2002.

The last few LINES SOUTH have been great. Thanks for a quality publication. I really liked the articles on the Ft.Myers extension and the "Alanbama division." I would like to suggest one thing. How about another article dealing with the Alabama division during the steam era. This would be a great tie in with the new 2-10-0 steam locos that have been released. The "Decs" worked a lot on this line. Thanks and congrats to the authors!

Richard Stallworth

-- Richard Stallworth (, January 04, 2002.

Larry: I completed it and mailed it back a couple of days ago. Again, we are a great group and a focused effort. And, the publication is superb!!


-- Raymond Smith (, January 04, 2002.

Thanks Raymond - we are glad the issue is finally arriving. And thanks to everyone for your patience. As you probably noticed, this issue has a loose, one-sheet membership survey enclosed. It should take only a few minutes to complete and is self-addressed for returning to us. Please complete the survey as soon as you can and let us know what is on your minds - this information is needed to help the Board determine future Society policies and priorities. We will report on the results at our Jacksonville meeting the first weekend of March, and also in a future issue of Lines South.

-- Larry Goolsby (, January 04, 2002.

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