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I've tried AGFA Viradon several times now and find the results to be fairly inconsistant. I have been toning AGFA MCC118 and halting the process with HCA. I'm finding that while maintaining strict times in the toner/rinse/HCA, the degree of toning and color is inconsistant from day to day. Has anyone done any testing on the effects of temperature and toning with Viradon?


-- ricardo (, January 01, 2002



I have only uses Viradon once, but I remember reading that it is very important to use fresh fixer and completely wash the print before toning. I looked up some of the technical data on Agfa's web site, and they indicate that a stop bath (10% sodium sulphite solution) for 1 minute is suggested after toning in order to prevent the continuation of toning during wash. Also seemed to indicate that "to stop staining the prints must be placed individually in the VIRADON solution and then well agitated." No info given on temperature.

Don't know if this information helps. Sounds like you are trying to make the process consistent. I have been wanting to try Viradon again, so I hope there are responses from others who used this toner.

-- Jim Rock (, January 01, 2002.

I too have had problems getting consistent results with Viradon, though I love the look of it. The advice that Jim gives is good, though it may not be helpful to you as you already know it. But a full one minute bath in sodium sulfite (I'm no chemist but HCA is probably gonna be just as good) to prevent post toning in the wash is important. Continuous and consistent agitation to prevent uneven staining. Only toning one print at a time, because the toner makes the emulsion soft and easily scratched. I also found diluting the toner 1/100 gave me longer toning times and a little more consistency. Even after all this I found that as I got a print that looked just right to me, washed it completely and hung to dry, it seemed to tone more as it dried! I've since been told that heat drying the print with a hair dryer will prevent this. Of course with a fiber print this isn't practical because of the curl that this creates.

I don't know if any of this is helpful, but I too would be interested in hearing what you work out.

-- Paul Swenson (, January 01, 2002.

I'm not having a problem with post toning as the HCA seems to stop the action. I'm getting differences in overall color as well as degree of toning.

-- r (, January 02, 2002.

Use high temperature and dilution (less Viradon) for deep brown or low temperature and dilution (more Viradon) for yellow brown. Be careful with strong dilutions as it will bleach your print to much (muddy look). Make a very weak dilution for your new tests. Clean your print and tube carefully after toning.

-- Holger Pfriem (, January 03, 2002.

I read this in recently. It might have something to do with consistency!

From: Richard Knoppow ( Date: 2001-12-23 13:55:04 PST

.......... Agfa Viradon was a combination toner like Poly Toner, but its now "New Viradon" and doesn't have Selenium listed in its ingredients. I suspect the current stuff is just polysulfide.

Richard Knoppow

-- john stockdale (, January 05, 2002.

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