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On a recent trip through Georgia, I found these old stations still in use, just not for the railroad. What railroad used these stations? Metter,Georgia; Byron, Georgia; Conyers, Georgia; Moultree, Georgia and Dalton, Georgia. Thanks and Happy New Year.

-- Dick Kearns (, December 31, 2001


The Byron, GA station is located on the old Central of Georgia Railway (NS) Macon to Albany route. If fading memory is correct, this sleepy little hamlet swelled to several hundred thousand people on a steamy weekend back around 1969 or so for the famous (or infamous, depending upon your fondness for rock music festivals) 'Atlanta Pop Festival'. I'm sure that the area is much quieter now.

-- Greg Hodges (, December 31, 2001.

Metter - Central of Georgia, south end of branch from Dover in 1950's. Byronville - Atlanta Birmingham & Coast RR mainline. Conyers - Georgia RR mainline. Moultree - three railroads: Georgia & Florida RR(end of Mountree branch), Georgia Northern and AB&C(on Thomasville branch). Dalton - crossing of the Southern Ry and NC&StL.

-- Tom Underwood (, December 31, 2001.

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