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I bought an Ansco Shur-Flash so I could play with some medium format B&W and on top of this I put a flash unit scavenged from a kodak max disposable. Now since the shutter speed, appature, and flash are all fixed the only exposure latitude I have is with film and developing. What are some kind of tests I could run(shooting a grey card etc) but keep in mind the only light meter I have is on my pentax K-1000. I don't need to be super precise, I just like shooting with it for fun and would like to get something usable from it. After I find out what I can get I ould also like to see what kind of tests I can make for contrast like a test pattern of something because I think the lens is uncoated, any help there would also be appreicated. I also plan on trying to make a ring flash by mounting a Kodak max flash on all four sides and see what turns out but that's a little o.t. Thanx

-- Patrick Gibson (, December 31, 2001

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