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" **** Back in the early 1940's!!!! my family left Penn Station on one of the Silver Trains: don't remember if Silver Star??? headed for WEst Palm Beach, Florida.

I remember @ some white sandy sand I , sitting @ the left -hand widow seat, saw a chubby, good looking, dark haired boy waring a long sleeved plaid shirt and our eyes caught and held on...... this was, of course, only possible because the train had slowed down.

many years later (we are now married 35 years) my husband mentiopned that his unclle had owned a Pineapple Plantation and on the edge of the property was a Lake that the train from NEW York would pass////// & my husband loved the trains so..... and waved as they passed.

Unfortuanltely, he does not remember anyihing other than it was approx. one half hour North of Downtown Orlando.

We canNOT lookup the location of his Uncle's Property

so was wondering if you would be kind enough to help us find the cities/towns/ from JAX (as I remmber the conductor yelling all abord @ Jacksonville) that passed on the way to Orlando and thence on to West Palm

My husband waved to as he stood on the east side of the train as the train headed South.

He at least got that right ..... when we have a fight would love to let him know if I married the right guy. smile.

Thank you so much

Best Continual Success

as we are beginning to say again in SE Florida, "Have a Disney Day"

thank you so much

mrs rj may

the time period of the two winters we travelled from Penn Station to West Palm were 1945-46......"

-- mrs rj may (, December 31, 2001


Don't know the location of the pineapple farm (there were several in Florida)BUT,I do know,the Seaboard Air Line mainline passenger trains did not go through Orlando.That was ACL track.

-- Joseph Oates (, January 01, 2002.

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