Avon Park FL., ACL bridge over the SAL ?

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I was attempting to follow the old ACL right of way between Sebring and Avon Park and noted that the ACL intersected the SAL at two locations just south of Avon Park. My question concerns the most southerly of those two intersections (the intersection just west of Memorial Dr. (Rt. 17A)). The SAL line at this point had excavated one of the deeper cuts that I am aware of on the Miami line (deeper being a relative term). And It looks like the ACL must have gone over top of it on a bridge or trestle, all remains of which are gone today. Does anyone have any information or pictures of this structure?

-- Dave Alberti (dalberti8@home.com), December 31, 2001


You might try Keith Williams - he's an ACL/SAL fan who lives down in Sebring and has been fairly active. I don't have contact info. readily available, but someone else might.


-- Paul Bizier (pbizier@prodigy.net), January 05, 2002.

Correction: A quick review of my maps revealed that there was only one (and not two) intersection(s) of the ACL/SAL south of Avon Park and it is this intersection that I am hoping for information on.

-- Dave Alberti (dalberti8@home.com), December 31, 2001.

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