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We have an original watercolor done by John Pike of two fisherman in a boat. Do you have any idea of the value of this painting or how I can find out more about this particular painting, such as date etc? Any information would be very welcome.

-- Marilynn Purdie (, December 30, 2001


I am not sure how much it is worth but i think you have the painting i am looking for. I really need this painting as a gift to my father and have been searching for some time now. If you have any ideas on how i can find this painting at a price a 18 year old girl can afford please email me! i dont care if it is a reprint because i can find nothing about it! your question is the only thing i have found so far! please write me back! thank you

-- karisa Bonstead (, April 19, 2002.

I have a book by John Pike published around the sixties. It has one or two paintings of his with people in boats - one of them may be yopur picture? Could you send me a scan of yours and I will try to identify it for you.



-- Steve (, May 06, 2003.

Go to your library, find "John Pike Paints Watercolors" and see a painting of South American natives in a boat. Is this it.? Anyway, it may start you on the right path. Good Luck.

-- Joseph Hamilton (, July 17, 2003.

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