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The American Empire On Its Deathbed
by Liz Michael -

Released November 5, 2001 for immediate release

"...and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?" ---- Revelation 13:4

There is a conspiracy theory, which has made the rounds in many circles for many years, that there are forces within the US government that are engineering events such as the 9-11 incident, the Oklahoma City bombing, and so forth, to implement fhis great "Master Plan" to implement a totalitarian government. This government is part and parcel of a much larger effort by the New World Order, the United Nations, the Illuminati, the Queen of England in league with the Vatican, the multinational corporations, or whomever the scapegoat of the day or the movement, is. Most of the conspiracy theorists present this as if it is a fait accompli which cannot be undone. For all intents and purposes, these people WORSHIP this coming leviathan which they see as unconquerable.

The truth may actually prove a lot more discomfiting for a lot more people when it materializes.

The truth is that the American government is in near collapse. The truth is that the recent attacks on the United States are NOT the result of the Bush family conspiring with the Clintons and other state liberals to coalesce power. The truth is likely that outside powers, far from trying to CREATE a totalitarian USA, are trying to remove the USA from its current position as world military and economic superpower, and would attempt to DESTROY any totalitarian USA, just like the Soviet Union collapsed and Nazi Germany was disassembled.

The powers that be have lost control

All the various moves you are seeing now are not the moves of someone "in control". They are the moves of a group of people that have suddenly discovered they have lost control. And are desperately trying to get it back.

Totalitarians in control wouldn't be intimidated by a little anthrax spread around Washington DC. Totalitarians would stand and fight. The Congress did not stand and fight. They RAN, and they ran like scalded dogs. The rest of the government also ran. These are the actions, not of people in control of a master plan, but of people in panic: people who have suddenly discovered they DON'T control what's going on.

Is the CIA having been hit with anthrax a sign of control? Let me repeat this: the terrorizers of the U.S. government HIT the Central Intelligence Agency. This is the agency that is supposed to know about these things before they happen. This is also the agency that was told by several sources that the 9-11 event was imminent, but either ignored the threat, or could not react to it in time. Do you REALLY THINK they LET themselves be hit?

Gray Davis, in an incredible moment of grandstanding, demonstrated more of this lack of control, by announcing a terrorist threat....but not quite a verified one. Just a rumor. Something even the FBI is now disavowing. So now we have all the king's men scrambling around trying to catch...they have no idea what...trying to stop.....they have no idea who. In other words, they are stumped. They're snookered. They're outsmarted.

A Sacramento journalist was taken into custody by police at Los Angeles International Airport and was forced to destroy photos he had been taking by an over-zealous National Guardsman. Totalitarians are not usually afraid to have their pictures taken. Recently, a key member of the Green Party was denied entry onto an aircraft, because she was a member of the Green Party attending a peace conference. They have tried to blame the anthrax incidents on everyone from Al-Qaeda, to Iraq, to racist domestic militias, to libertarian militias, to pagans: and its only a matter of time before they try and blame it on leftist activists, unions, and the religious right, or as Clinton did with the Murrah Building bombing, "right wing radical talk show hosts".

These people are not only afraid of foreign terrorists. These people are afraid of you and me. They are afraid of the press. They are afraid of the political activists. They are afraid of the pacifists. They are afraid of their own shadows. They are not in control of anything.

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping?

Now, this "War On Terror" could have gone a different way. After September 11th, there could have been a call for the militia, which is the whole people, and not a handful of backwoods rednecks as is the romantic ideal (not that there's anything WRONG with being a backwoods redneck), a call for the whole people to be on alert, to become armed, to learn self-defense and battle techniques, and to train to do things like protect the bridges, the nuclear plants, the borders, the planes. That did not happen. We could have been told to prepare shelters against nuclear or biological attack. We could have been told to stock up on supplies, on first aid kits, and train in CPR and medical rescue techniques. To buy guns. To shore up our vehicles for potential emergency use or flight.

Instead, what did Rudy Giuliani ask us to do to save New York? What did George W. Bush ask us to do to save the country.

They asked us to shop.

Rudy asked us to "come see a Broadway show" even though we couldn't drive into the city without a second passenger, and had to go through roadblocks and search points more dense than those at the Mexican border.

The President asked us to fly in planes that he does not fly in, because they are not safe enough for him to do so. Instead of asking us to save, invest, stock up on supplies, he wants us to continue engaging in pointless consumption and satisfying our vanities. Excuse me, Mr. President, but didn't you just say we're at WAR? Didn't you just appoint a new office of Homeland Security because you knew we were going to be under imminent attack by Al-Qaeda agents in our own country? Yet we're supposed to go on as if 9-11 never happened? We're supposed to go shopping?

Wartime is a time when a little austerity is in order. The only people during war who would spend like there's no tomorrow are people who expect to die soon. If the American economy is dependent on such frivolous spending, then it basically is already screwed.

Anti-terrorism bills the death warrant of America as a world power

The Congress of the United States issued a series of bills in an attempt to regain control, the most threatening of which is the one using the acronym of the PATRIOT Act. The legislation is some of the most liberty-infringing legislation that has been passed in many a decade. President George W. Bush dutifully signed them all without so much as a whimper: in fact, he was glad to do so. At that point, whether he realizes it or not, George W. Bush signed the death warrant of the American Empire.

It is the death warrant of the American Empire for several reasons. First of all, it has coalesced a small but important coalition, on the left, the right and the center, AGAINST the United States government. And that coalition just happens to be the people who are most concerned about liberty and freedom. The President and the Congress has basically just told every person concerned about liberty and freedom in America, from the ACLU activist and the WTO-NAFTA protester, to the religious conservative and the libertarian free marketer, to go to hell. In other words, they essentially told the real American patriots that they can bug off. Liberty and freedom is not important. Security is the prime directive. Sit down, shut up, wave your flag and do as you are told.

They are living the warning of Benjamin Franklin, that those who trade liberty for security deserve neither. The tragedy for them is, that government will be a bigger target than ever now.

The "War On Terror" will be lost

The second reason it is the death warrant to the Empire is that it ensures a loss in the War on Terror. Insures a loss? Yep. Why? How?

It doesn't matter how well American troops do overseas. It doesn't matter if they kill Osama bin Laden. It doesn't matter how many Al-Qaeda agents they destroy abroad. The real measure of the success or failure of the War on Terror will be to what extent the American mainland will still be standing after all is said and done.

That brings me to the third reason the American Empire is about to die. Immigration policy. Out of the hundreds of new policies implemented in the last few months to ensure the safety of everyone, the most obvious one that would have actually done some good would have been to close the borders and revoke the visas and green cards of everyone having come into this country from a Muslim country. That one act would have prevented more terrorists from coming in, and it would have provided a mechanism for deporting 95% of potential terrorists still in this country.

Instead, we invite Syrians in to take more flying lessons and are going to grant Taliban-sympathetic Pakistanis carte blanche to come here and engage terror.

Because this third reason has barely been addressed, the agents who will continue to physically destroy America in future months and years, as well as kill millions, are already here, and will continue to be here. Eventually they will perform their task. These terrorists will eventually devastate the American mainland. They will do it regardless of how successful we are in prosecuting the war abroad. In fact, it is entirely possible that the more we punish Al-Qaeda abroad, the more likely the terrorists here will devastate us.

The American people will never forgive the government and the agencies that are going to allow this to happen. They are going to turn on them and destroy whatever is left of them that Al-Qaeda has not already destroyed by then. Being Democrat or Republican is not going to matter because both of them let it happen, and both of them will rightly share the guilt.

FBI shows more evidence of having lost control

Now, occasionally, the king's men have caught some of these people. For example, the Millennium Bomb plot was foiled. But they cannot catch them all. Not in time. It took them seventeen years to catch the last big mail terrorist, the Unabomber, and he was one guy living in a shack. They got lucky when a no license plate vehicle turned up Timothy McVeigh: but they still haven't caught most of McVeigh's coconspirators. They have one thousand foreigners in jail over the 9-11 incident: the only ones who have been charged have been charged with extremely Mickey Mouse stuff like "lying about having met" one of the terrorists, or lying on an application for something or another. This indicates to me that law enforcement doesn't have anything approaching a clue on this. The arrest of a thousand people on nothing is another sign of desperation, and a sure sign of having lost control: and it is a sign of tyranny that many of us refuse to tolerate in what is supposed to be a free country.

Governments are not perpetual and eternal. I know to many who work for government or depend upon government that they seem so. Many governments and many leaders talk as if they are everlasting. Hitler talked about a "thousand year Reich" which ultimately lasted only 12. The government of one of the mightiest powers of the 20th century, the Soviet Union, failed to survive to see the 21st.

Whether the United States survives as an entity, whether we see it resurrected under the original intent of the founders, whether we see a fragmentation into several states and regions, whether we see a reassertion of former nations such as the Confederate States of America or the Indian nations, I do not know. But of one thing I am sure: the Imperial World Superpower of the United States is finished. It could survive perhaps slightly beyond the Bush Presidency, but probably not long after that.

I just pray that most of the American people are not killed along with their government.

What can we do?

Many of you are violently disagreeing with what I just wrote. Many others are asking, "well, what then?" If you are not asking it now, you surely will in the future as more terrorist incidents devastate America.

You have to come to understand that in its essence, America is not its government. America is not its flag. America is a concept, a concept that enshrines liberty and freedom. America is also a people. There are many things which you can do to preserve the America that deserves preservation.

1. Make very huge mental adjustments

It doesn't matter what your politics are. It doesn't matter what your religion is. Whatever they are you need to take them seriously. The primary enemy.... we have secondary enemies, for certain, and I will offer suspects, but the primary enemy is Al-Qaeda. Most of America is centered on the concept of money. It may shock you to hear this free market capitalist tell you to not obsess over money.

Your enemy carries with him a religious fervor which will cause him to do many things to ruin you. And while I do not believe Allah trumps Yaheveh, and do not know if he trumps any other gods or not, you had better believe that Allah trumps Mammon. In this environment, if your god is Mammon, you are going to lose You may very well sell your enemy the rope with which he hangs you. He did it on 9-11.

Most people base their politics on the assumption that the government will always be here. I submit to you that if you really care about your issue concerns, you prepare for the day when the government cannot or will not enforce them. Develop ways of caring for the environment which DON'T involve enforcement by a government thug. Develop a safety net which DOESN'T depend on the government. Develop crime fighting methods that DON'T depend on the king's men being there to do it for you. Develop disaster and rescue efforts that assume the government cannot act, and that you will have to do it yourself. When all hell breaks loose, not only will FEMA NOT be a tyrannical agency set to take away all your rights, as is the popular myth circulating in patriot circles - FEMA will likely not be there AT ALL.

The government will soon NOT be there to help. They likely won't be there at all. And you had better be ready for that.

2. Civil Defense

Become the militia, and organize neighborhood defense forces. Buy guns. Stock up on food, water, first aid, and survival supplies, and construct viable shelters. Develop plans for defending vital services such as hospitals, power plants, water resources, and food. Develop evacuation plans and have them ready to go at a moments notice. Determine what your "bug out" territories are. Learn to fight. Get in shape. Stay healthy and learn about self medicine, for when the doctors won't be available.

This is the fatal mistake that both George W. Bush and his Democratic loyal opposition made: they failed to call up and muster civilian defense.  There are cities which are going to be vaporized because of that fatal mistake. There are environmental resources that are going to be devastated because of that fatal mistake. You and your community, however, don't have to follow them all over a cliff.

Don't like guns? Believe in gun control? Get over it. We're at war and you're a target. In war, soldiers have guns, and you are one, like it or not. Learn how to defend yourself and your family from wild animals and thugs or watch them become worm food. You're a pacifist? Al-Qaeda isn't honoring the wishes of conscientious objectors today, sorry.

3. Resist the tyranny

Many of you will get this one right away. Resist the tyranny. Live as a free person. You don't have to be told. You easily see that the only way to make the tyranny ultimately go away is to refuse to participate in it.

Others of you will ask, but wouldn't this be "unpatriotic"?

Have you ever heard of the principle of "tough love". Basically, sometimes you have to let your children, or your friend, go, and let them suffer the consequences of their actions, in order to save them. Because enabling them to continue taking the wrong path will only in the long run get them, and maybe you, killed. Study any twelve step program for validation of this.

This is what has to be done with the federal government, and many of the state and local governments. They are our children. We created them. But they are errant children. They are children who have become thugs and terrorists. They're not REALLY the enemy. But in order to rescue them, we may have to treat them like the enemy. We may even have to kill them, as per the Toraic proscription as to excessively errant children. We may have to shun them, as per the New Testament proscription as to excessively errant and unrepentant church members.

Resisting the tyranny means many things. It means not paying taxes. It means trimming your reliance on the state, and upon its identity documents, as much as you can practically get away with. It means using jury nullification to disrupt their trials. It means using every trick you can think of to disrupt their affairs.

Don't talk to the FBI. If you talk to the FBI, it gives them the chance of prosecuting you because they think you lied to them. So just don't talk to them. There are a thousand people in federal detention centers as we speak, NONE of them having been charged with any crime of any consequence. It can happen to you, too. Don't talk to them. Tell them to go to hell.

Do you think that is treasonous talk? Well, the greatest President we ever had, one Thomas Jefferson, said that when the government fears the people, there is liberty. But when the people fear the government, there is tyranny. So immediately, I say to you now. Stop fearing the government. Make them fear you. Make them mortified to come into your neighborhood, terrified to approach your door and knock on it, frightened to stop your car and ask for your license.

Remember that these civil liberties violations started with the government. The plans they have to invade our privacy, take our property, deprive us of liberty and freedom of travel, were initiated BY the government, not by freedom lovers. THEY started it. If we love freedom and liberty, we must fight for it. We must fight ALL tyranny, whether it comes from Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein, or whether it comes from agents of our own government.

Many of you have varied opinions on George W. Bush, ranging from the "Antichrist" to the best President we could have at a time like this. I don't think President Bush is a BAD man. But I do think he has made a fatal mistake. A mistake which he could undo tomorrow by executive order: but I don't see it happening. Having done this, he has failed to do his constitutional duty, and does not deserve support for his current domestic policy. And don't you dare gloat, Tom Daschle. Mr. Bush hasn't done anything wrong that you haven't also done, and nearly every member of Congress, Democrat and Republican, with you.

And definitely, don't say "I told you so", Mr. Gore. Most of our present dilemma happened because of events set in motion on your watch and due to your incompetence and your tolerance of a corrupt administration.

4. Stand for public office

Every single freedom loving patriot needs to stand for public office now. They need to stand in every party: Democrat and Republican, Libertarian and Green, Reform and Constitutionalist. There are really just two parties now: Patriots and Traitors. Washington DC, and most state governments, are "one party" operations and it is the wrong party. There are no more chances to save the United States of America by the electoral process. This is the last chance. If you all don't stand now, there will be no more chances. If you fail to choose to work with ballots now, you guarantee you will have to work with bullets later. You may have to anyway: but do you really want to see an American Civil War?

5. Homeschool your kids

I don't say this lightly. The public school systems in most communities are largely beyond hope. They are not teaching values. They are teaching sheepery, to go along to get along. They are literally terrorizing kids and parents alike with "zero tolerance" tyranny over guns, drugs, t-shirts, and free thought. Screw them. Whatever your values are, now is the time to teach them to your children. I can assure you they will not learn them in public school. They will also not learn "how" to think in public school, as opposed to what to think.

Also, public schools are going to become a very dangerous place. Osama bin Laden has already told us that he will attack our children. What better way to attack our children than at school, all of which have been declared "arms-free zone" enforced by such zero tolerance tyranny that you cannot even point a finger in a mock game of cops and robber without suffering persecution. Such schools have in effect sent an engraved invitation to Al-Qaeda terrorists which says: HIT ME, OUR KIDS AREN'T PROTECTED BY ANYONE. The law of the jungle will assert itself here. They will attack our schools. They will kill our children, just as sure as any wilderness predator goes after the young, the weak, and the least defended.

You think they won't? Then you must have forgotten that the Ryder truck of Timothy McVeigh was parked right below a day care center, which McVeigh knew existed.

6. Reorient your economy

The reason this country is in as much economic jeopardy as we are in is that we have forsaken industrial jobs and sent them overseas, and we have replaced them with Pizza Hut Delivery and a lot of service sector jobs.

I want to suggest that now is the time for everyone to tighten their belts. Now is the time to make economic purchasing decisions based on needs and not on wants. And we should all orient our economies and our jobs and businesses to things which people are going to need regardless of the economy. What would those be? Food. Shelter. Basic clothing. Medical supplies. Basic transportation. Information. Communications. Energy. Defense. Waste disposal. Less emphasis should be put on "toys" and more emphasis on utility: in other words, if you're going to dabble in toys, make them toys relevant for survival. Also more emphasis needs to be placed on things which can be recycled and refurbished, and less on "throw away" stuff.

Moreover, we need to strengthen our mutual survivability by getting as many of those things locally as we possibly can.

Also, if you are investors, you need to reorient your investments so that they do two things. Number one, so they are not dependent on the US dollar, and two, so they are reflective of material and necessity industries and not pleasure and service industries, because the material and necessity industries are more likely to survive both a catastrophic series of events and the collapse of the dollar.

Additionally, get mobile. Mobility may be the key to survival. If you're into cars, I would suggest classic cars as a hobby. Why? In the event of a nuclear-generated electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) wiping out electrical devices in an area, classic cars which use an older technology may be at a premium, and you may be able to escape in that old clunker when the new stuff doesn't work any more.

Final thoughts

The odds are very great that we are fighting a lot more people than Al-Qaeda. Very likely, Saddam Hussein is a root cause of this and future violence. For those of you who believe in Biblical prophecies, Hussein considers himself a modern day "Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon". You ought to make yourself familiar with what is prophesied to be destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, or the Chaldeans, all which could correspond to modern day Iraq.

Moreover, I also pose a question: who benefits from our destruction? Who gains from our removal as an economic and military superpower. Certainly usual suspects like China and Russia might. Islamic fundamentalism could well spread, with nuclear weapons falling into the hands of people willing to declare Jihad against all non-Muslims, surely a dangerous peril to the world. As well though, the biggest entity to gain from an American dissolution is the European Union, who would probably be propelled into the position of "economic savior" of the world economy, with the Euro, now a useless currency unit, possibly propelled into worldwide prominence.

Some points to cover in case people are mad at me. There is nothing wrong with waving the flag or displaying it. There is nothing wrong with writing "God Bless America" and singing patriotic songs, even in a school. What I am saying is, though, that it is insufficient. Real patriotism is not emotion. Real patriotism is real action to protect the homefront. Writing "God Bless America" on your window is not going to deter an Al-Qaeda attack. Only preparation and making yourself a "hard target" will dissuade them.

Real patriotism also does not compromise with tyranny. Real patriotism does not accept the tyranny of the federal government to fight the tyranny of Al-Qaeda. Real patriotism fights both. As Mr. Bush stated, freedom itself was attacked. And freedom will be defended. From all enemies, foreign and domestic. And if the federal government, or any other government, is found to be attacking freedom and liberty, for whatever reason, they not only SHALL be treated just as we would treat Al-Qaeda terrorists, but they SHOULD be treated the same. If Mr. Bush and his supporters have any problems with this, they should realize that the President set these parameters himself. He did not say America was attacked and shall be defended. He didn't say the federal government was attacked. He said "freedom itself" was attacked. We are fighting FOR freedom, and if that places us as an enemy of the federal government or any other government, then so be it.

For those of you who prefer anything else to freedom itself, be it security, be it commerce, be it party loyalty, whatever it is, the words of Samuel Adams wonderfully express my sentiment:

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude better than the animated contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."

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-- Anonymous, December 30, 2001

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